Laptop returned from repair slightly damaged

  Why wont it work 15:24 18 Dec 2009

I received my laptop back from repair today and was a little bit dissappointed to find it's been scratched (albeit lightly, but still noticable) and is also missing two of it's rubber feet.

The screen was faulty, so this was replaced, but the new one has a pink pixel in the middle of the screen (pretty sure I can do nothing about this as it's only one, but still dissappointing).

I'd hoped a little better of HP, especially as its a 'professional' model with a 3yr business warranty. Do I have any grounds for complaint? I should hope I do for the missing feet, but not sure about the scratches! Luckily I always take a few photos before sending these sort of things off, so I have proof it was in perfect condition! Thanks in advance.

  EARLR 15:50 18 Dec 2009


  Kevscar1 16:29 18 Dec 2009

The problem is proving they did the damage. If I have to send anything off I photograph it first making sure the date stamp is on then they can't argue unless they try to blame the courier.

  GaT7 16:46 18 Dec 2009

Looks like, instead of just replacing the screen, they replaced the outer shell too with one from another similar model - saves them the time & trouble I guess, but shoddy service nevertheless. Does the bottom still have the original OS COA sticker?

I'd be quite angry if it happened to me, & would definitely complain in writing. G

  Why wont it work 17:09 18 Dec 2009

Well, I have tried. They have agreed to replace the feet. When I mentioned the laptop was scratched, I was informed I should take that up with the repair team and was promptly transfered to a polish lady who said she had been on the team to repaired the laptop. I really didn't fancy complaining to the person who had done the job...

The lady reluctantly agreed to replace the plastics (she didn't even ask what had been scratched), and said she may take the pink dot on the screen into consideration.

Not very impressed, my limited experience with HP had previously always been good.

  Why wont it work 10:36 19 Dec 2009

Just a little update: I was very surprised to have the courier turn up early this morning (a Saturday as well!) with some new feet- especially considering I only complained later yesterday afternoon.

I'll think I'll fit them when the laptop returns from its little holiday to Poland though.

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