laptop reinstall pointers.

  Epirb406 13:46 26 Oct 2008

Hi folks.

I have a rather precious Sony Vaio laptop. I bought it new, running XP about 5 years ago. It was a last gasp big unnecessary spend before getting a family on the way.

Desktops, towers, media PCs I pull apart, reformat and generally mess with quite happily, build, upgrade, rebuild no problem, the laptop however has never been touched!

Sadly however 5 years of use, apps and happiness it really is grinding to a halt, takes ages to boot, launch programs or anything else.

If it was a desk top that I had built I would boot to a dos prompt, Format C: and start from the ground up.

However, with the only real off the shelf computer I have ever had I am not sure which way to go.

I have the original Sony disks and manuals, what's the sketch?

Any ideas of the best way to proceed?

Thanks all, Epirb

  Epirb406 15:49 26 Oct 2008

That took a trip to the bottom of the pile rather quick!

Any ideas or shall I just get a hold of the thing and go for it?

Think the idea is to end up with the installation as close to day one as poss and build from there??


  daxian 16:48 26 Oct 2008

hi epirb406...
normally the user manual will provide the directions needed .
most laptops come with either restore disks or the option to create them ,the manual should tell you the options available to restore to factory fresh .
you will of course need to reinstall any software you have added (good chance to get shut of any that you don't use any more )Dave.

  mocha 19:52 26 Oct 2008

Hi Epirb406,

Many portables come with the operating system written to a hidden partition on the hard drive so it is best not to format the drive without checking your documentation.

If you have a genuine microsoft XP Cd then this is probably not the case and you can format and re-install off the XP disc.

Good Luck.

  woodchip 20:02 26 Oct 2008

Your best thing to do is first get all your files e-mail and photos off that you want to save. put them on CD or a Ex USB drive. Then use the Restore discs that you got with the PC

  Epirb406 21:26 03 Nov 2008

Recovery CDs did the job, in fact,having done it once and ended up with all the sony software installed and the likes of microsoft works installed I did it again and didn't use the second, utilities restore disc.

The laptop seems quite convinced that my system will therefore be unstable, it seems however, much quicker and as stable as ever!

All the best, Epirb.

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