Laptop recovery disc failed

  iqs 23:28 06 Jan 2009


I tried to reinstall my Laptops OS today,but the back up discs I made failed to install.

The Laptop came installed with XP Media Edition,can I use the license with another copy of XP Media,or with a standard copy of XP.


  User-1229748 01:30 07 Jan 2009

did you not have a recovery partition aswell as the discs you made?

  iqs 09:27 07 Jan 2009

I did,but the recovery disc will not access the partition,thanks smackheadz

  Technotiger 09:35 07 Jan 2009

Yes you can use your original licence with another copy of OS.

  Ex plorer 09:41 07 Jan 2009

I think you need to start your laptop switched off with disk in before starting the laptop.
The laptop should then boot up from your disk.

  rdave13 10:05 07 Jan 2009

Sometimes tapping F11 on bootup will get you to the recovery partition. Check yout manual as what key to use, then you should be able to restore from there.

  iqs 11:41 07 Jan 2009

and thanks for the reply's.

My problem has now become BIGGER

The recovery partition can not be accessed with the recovery discs,f8 is not accessible.

So I tried installing my Retail version of XP Media I have on my main desktop.It starts to copy the files,then a error message appears.

I tried with my old copy of XP just the same,a similar error message appears.I forgot to write down the error number...

So I borrowed a copy of VISTA just to make sure its not my discs,guess what,a error message appears.

Right,when installing XP a new message appears stating that XP can not find a HDD ??.I have checked the BIOS,I can not see an entry for a HDD

As I right this I am formatting the laptop HDD in my SATA dock,it recognized the HDD as an external device,so the HDD is working.Hopefully this will address the problem.

I will try again after the format with XP Media again,cheers all

  canarieslover 11:50 07 Jan 2009

Your XP will not find the SATA hard drive unless you have drivers to install for it. XP gives you the opportunity to load these when it first boots from CD.

  iqs 11:57 07 Jan 2009

Hi,thanks for the reply,I have installed copies of XPSP2 on many machines fitted with SATA HDD,to date I have never had to install SATA drivers .XPSP2 should install directly to a SATA HDD,or am I wrong?.

  iqs 12:28 07 Jan 2009

If I do need to install the SATA drivers,where would I obtain them?.I have checked on the COMPAQ website,none are listed.My laptop is a COMPAQ Presario c300.

  iqs 12:30 07 Jan 2009

forgot to mention,I have downloaded the chipset drivers,would this include the SATA drivers.

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