laptop RAM

  shauny13 16:54 03 Oct 2008

Hi, new here. A couple of years ago we purchased an EI machines 3087 from PC World for our daughter at college. It only had 256mb of ram, which i wish to upgrade to 1Gb. I have purchased the correct memory following an online scan and am told the motherboard can support 2gb. The problem i have is that i cannot see where the exsisting ram is situated. I have had all 3 panels off the back and it is nowhere in sight. I was told it may be under the keyboard, but i can't see how to get in there. Any ideas?

  chub_tor 17:21 03 Oct 2008

There seems to be a distinct lack of information about E Systems machines, they are sold only by the Dixons/Currys/PC World group. I cannot find a website that works for e-systems home page. Is it possible to take your laptop into PC World and ask them where the memory is located?

  bobbybowls 19:42 03 Oct 2008

are there any caps, spacers etc on the keyboard? the screws might be hidden under them. what is under the 3 panels? the memory might be hidden under another component.

  shauny13 07:01 04 Oct 2008

No, it's not hidden under another component. Think i will go back to pc world. Many thanks for advice.

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