Laptop question

  Severn Bore 14:47 26 Nov 2007

Can anyone please tell me what the little icon lik a tilted letter N within a circle means on my IBM Thinkpad T40? At the same time the laptop screen remains black and there is no activity from the hard drive. Cannot check for myself as the manual is online and needs the laptop to be fully functioning to access it!!!

  brundle 14:56 26 Nov 2007

The power light, on when the PC is powered up and not in standby mode;

  brundle 14:56 26 Nov 2007
  Severn Bore 15:40 26 Nov 2007

Hi brundle
Thanks for the info and link. Having clarified that, any idea why my hard drive (indicator) is not working?

  brundle 15:43 26 Nov 2007

Describe the problem - power light on, nothing else happening? Tried with battery removed? Tried after charging the battery for the recommended period? Any fans running on start up? Machine exhibiting unusual crashes or behaviour before this happened? Any hard-drive/optical drive noise at all when machine is first switched on?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:22 26 Nov 2007

Power management To reduce power consumption, the computer has three power management modes: screen blank, standby, and hibernation. Screen blank mode Screen blank mode has three variants, as follows: 1. If you press Fn+F3, or if the time set on the “LCD off timer” in IBM BIOS Setup Utility expires, v The LCD backlight turns off. v The hard disk drive motor stops. v The speaker is muted.2. If you are using the ACPI operating system and you press Fn+F3, v The LCD backlight turns off. v The hard disk drive motor stops.3. If the time set on the “Turn off monitor” timer in the operating system expires, v The LCD backlight turns off. To end screen blank mode and resume normal operation, press any key. Standby mode When the computer enters standby mode, the following events occur in addition to what occurs in screen blank mode: v The LCD is powered off. v The hard disk drive is powered off. v The CPU stops. To enter standby mode, press Fn+F4. Note: If you are using the ACPI operating system, you can change the action of Fn+F4.s In certain circumstances, the computer goes into standby mode automatically: v If a “suspend time” has been set on the timer, and the user does not do any operation with the keyboard, the TrackPoint, the hard disk, the parallel connector, or the diskette drive within that time. v If the battery indicator blinks orange, indicating that the battery power is low. (Alternatively, if Hibernate when battery becomes low has been selected in the “Power Management Properties” window, the computer goes into hibernation mode.)

To cause the computer to return from standby mode and resume operation, do one of the following: v Press the Fn key. v Open the LCD cover. v Turn on the power switch. Also, in either of the following events, the computer automatically returns from standby mode and resumes operation:v The ring indicator (RI) is signaled by a serial device or a PC Card device. v The time set on the resume timer elapses.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:26 26 Nov 2007

tilted letter N within a circle

Symbol is :

Power on
Green: The computer is on and ready to use. This indicator stays lit whenever the computer is on and is not in standby mode.

  Severn Bore 17:32 26 Nov 2007

Thanks for your help. I think I have narrowed it down to a hard drive problem.

  DieSse 17:43 26 Nov 2007

Hard drives in laptops can suffer from connector problems.

Taking out the drive and re-inserting firmly - two or three times is best - can sometimes cure a connector problem.

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