Laptop Processor

  helpwithlaptop 00:21 16 Jun 2006

My laptop processor is quite slow and I was thinking of buying a new faster one. Is it possible to get processors for laptops and if so what sort of processor should I use?

  helpwithlaptop 00:31 16 Jun 2006

By the way my laptop is a Advent 7086 it has a 1.4 GHz processor, are there any different faster processors I could put in my laptop?

  wee eddie 07:45 16 Jun 2006

How much RAM has the laptop got at the present?

  rmcqua 09:31 16 Jun 2006

Sorry, helpwithlaptop, forget it. Replacing the CPU in a laptop is near impossible for us "normal folks".
You could try to increase the RAM, but I doubt whether this will do much for your speed. The Celeron M360 is a relatively slow processor and the laptop was a budget model. Unfortunately, I think you are stuck with it.

  helpwithlaptop 18:37 16 Jun 2006

But if I asked someone at pc world to put a new processor in for me is that possible?

  helpwithlaptop 18:38 16 Jun 2006

my laptop has 256 MB DDR-Ram

  helpwithlaptop 18:40 16 Jun 2006

I was thinking of buying the PC World - INTEL CELERON D331 - BX80547RE2667CN LGA775 PROCESSOR since its only £60 and quite a good one is it possible to put in a laptop if someone at pc world did it for me or is the sort of processor only for desktop pcs?

  Diodorus Siculus 18:49 16 Jun 2006

It's for a desktop only.

Another 256mb RAM or even 512 if the laptop will manage it, will make a difference.

  helpwithlaptop 18:56 16 Jun 2006

how do i add RAM and how much faster will it mke my laptop go?

  Diodorus Siculus 19:06 16 Jun 2006

.Go to click here and do their scan. They will tell you how much you can add, how to do it and the best option.

It will make XP run smoother at least - there is no way to tell how much faster.

  helpwithlaptop 19:22 16 Jun 2006

OK thanks

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