Laptop problems after leaving on overnight, HELP!

  thebigdong 23:06 19 Aug 2008

I am currently using an HP Pavillion ze4500 with XP(precise model ZE4521ea it has an AMD processor). Its a good laptop which has met my needs and around 6 months ago i upgraded it to 1GB of ram. Thats it and there have been no problems and it has run sweet as a nut

However problems started occuring about a week ago. I turned the laptop on and the windows security icon popped up saying that windows firewall was not turned on. So i turned the laptop off and rebooted and all was fine

Then about a day after, Windows updates tries to download around 16 or so files to update my laptop. This was late at night and i shut down the computer expecting that it would shut down once it had finished all the downloads, while i trotted off to bed.

Next morning to my horror laptop was still running with only 7 of the updates installed, and i immediately turned it off since it was scalding hot. I left it to cool and when i restarted there was the automatic updates in the right hand corner telling me "downloading updates: 2%" and i thought this wasnt right. And once more the firewall message came up saying it was turned off.

The laptop was running really slow, i stopped the updates manually to no avail. I system restored to no avail. i did chkdsk to no avail. i unhooked all apps and restarted and it was all running incredibly slow. I even opened up the laptop and gave it a thorough dusting and its still running incredibly slowly.

I dont know if any of these problems are linked, but im just listing the sequence of events. Any help would be much appreciated seeing as though i am out of all ideas.

  thebigdong 23:09 19 Aug 2008

oh and also currently the automatic updates are off. I tried to re-install them and it keeps freezing when the "inspecting system" box opens.

i also tried to reinstall XP but my CD is no good and my laptop says it isnt properly formatted altho it reads well on my PC

  provider 2 23:32 19 Aug 2008

Pure guesswork, but have you seen this?

click here

  thebigdong 10:09 20 Aug 2008

seen what?

  birdface 10:14 20 Aug 2008

The click here works fine for me.

  thebigdong 10:26 20 Aug 2008

oh sorry i didnt see it before.

No i havent seen that message before. The laptop has not blue screened. Its just running incredibly slowly and wont complete the updates which remain stationary at 2%. Typing is fine. But browsing and opening apps are taking a long time.

  provider 2 10:32 20 Aug 2008

Some possibilities:

click here

  thebigdong 22:58 20 Aug 2008

ok here is an update of what i have done:

installed lastest bios
re-check fan and clean and ensure airflow
delete any old or non-used programs
changed startup settings

HOWEVER, there is no change. The laptop still starts with full fan power and its incredibly slow. I think it might be a combination of the m/s downloads not working and leaving on overnight.

I mean how easy is it for a laptop like mine (refer to first post) to be permanently damaged after approx 18 hours after being turned on (say 10 hours of use)

I think my only option is to re-install xp. only problem is my xp cd doesnt work. Is re-installing xp the right thing to do? and also where can i get an XP disc. I just need one that works

  birdface 08:07 21 Aug 2008

Try Winaso registry optimizer [Free]It will only repair 10 items at a time but you can run it as often as you also does an automatic back up and registry here You could try Tools.Internet Options.Advanced.And restore advanced settings.Or turn off all your add-ons and see if it works any better.if so switch them back on one at a time till you find the one causing the problem.Speed check to make sure that you are getting the proper download here Right Click on local area connection and press repair and see if it comes up with a DNS problem.

  birdface 08:11 21 Aug 2008

Go into safe mode and run your security programs.Have you tried Taskmanager to see what is using up the CPU.If nothing running System Idle Process should be showing about 97% this is there anything else using a lot of the CPU.If so let us know what.

  provider 2 10:35 21 Aug 2008

In addition to buteman`s suggestions, can you tell us if you are running a ZoneAlarm firewall, and can you bring up Event Viewer> System> and for the ERROR information items Action> Properties?

What does it say?

(Event Viewer is in Admin. Tools)

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