Laptop problems

  cunning_stunt 18:51 27 Jun 2006

Hi all, i am a complete newbie on here and have limited knowledge on computers.
I have two problems,
Firstly i have a acer travelmate 2310 which has become increasingly slow, i have looked and the laptop can take up to 2gb of ram and it has to be dimm ram, i am confused as can it take all types of dimm e.g sodimm? because there are lots listed for sale also the frequancy said null next to it does that mean it can take any? the current 256 installed is 333mhz 2.5v 2700 i would like to put 2 x 1gb ram to get it faster but not sure how fast that would make it and if it is worth it my fsb is 300mhz.
what else could i do to get it running faster as startup is taking ages on its own. i have ad aware and e trust antivirus installed both up to date and active with no errors.
i have been having big problems with music/video playback it usually starts playing ok but after a minute or so it sounds like it is playing underwater, i had a warning message about some kernal file a while back but clicked cancel by accident as i thought it was one of those internet certificate message boxes (stupid i know) and dont know what to do there either, excuse my poor spelling and grammer thankyou for reading my eassay lol i hope you can help
stunt :)

  johndrew 19:45 27 Jun 2006

Not Knowing your Windows OS or what anti malware programs you are using, I suggest you start here click here and then come back if you need more help.

As for memory click here you can get full information on what you have and what you can put in by using the `Memory Advisor Tool`

Hope this helps for starters.

  Jackcoms 20:04 27 Jun 2006

When did you last clean all the crap out of your laptop and defrag it?

To clear the crap use click here

You could also reduce the number of programs which start at boot up by going to Start; Run and typing msconfig. Then look under the Startup tab (I am assuming you are running XP). This will help click here

  terryf 21:32 27 Jun 2006

I would not put more than up to 1gb of ram, click here to help you choose the correct type, I suggest that whatever you do, put in 2 modules ie 2x256 or 2x512. You should try to find out what sockets there are on the motherboard (go to the Acer site)

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