Laptop problems

  Billy911 13:57 22 Feb 2004

I have a Toshiba Tecra 780DVD Laptop that has a blank hard drive. I'm trying to put WinXP Pro (or any OS) but when I put the OS CD in the DVD-ROM drive it's not being read. I tried a DIR for the D: drive but all I get is a "Invalid drive specification" error. I know that the drive isn't faulty as it has been used previously with no problems. I also have an external USB floppy drive and external USB CDRW drive neither of which seem to be reconized by the laptop. Is there anything I'm doing wrong?

  Paranoid Android 14:17 22 Feb 2004

You need to check the BIOS to see what boot devices are supported. Some laptops support boot from USB devices, others don't.

Do you have access to an 'internal' FDD ?

Please provide full details of hardware.


  anchor 14:38 22 Feb 2004

Have you set your bios to boot from the CD drive first?.

On my Toshiba Satellite, this is done by pressing F12 on start up, and choosing CD as the boot device.

  Billy911 14:39 22 Feb 2004

No internal FDD. BIOS boot priority is CD-ROM, HDD, FDD (or obviously any combination). I forgot to mention that when I first switch on the laptop a message appears "WARNING: RESUME FAILURE. PRESS ANY KEY TO CONTINUE" When I press a key another 'message' appears "Microsoft(R)Windows 98 (C)Copyright Microsoft Corp 1981-1999." With the C:\> prompt underneath. When I typed DIR C: /a: there are 6 files on the C: drive, IO.SYS, MSDOD.SYS, COMMAND.COM, DRVSPACE.BIN, BOOTLOG.PRV, BOOTLOG.TXT. Total bytes are 385,160. No directories.

  TECHNODIMWIT 14:47 22 Feb 2004

with my friends laptop, i had to cheat, by loading the o/s with the hdd running as master in my PC, because the laptop wouldn`t see anything other than the restore disc`s (they were damaged).
I presume you have the Graphic and Modem drivers available.

  Billy911 14:54 22 Feb 2004

No I don't have the drivers. I was going to use the generic ones until I got the thing working. How would I get the HDD in my PC?

  Paranoid Android 15:06 22 Feb 2004

Temporary setup - remove the HDD carefully from the laptop and plug it into the primary master channel on the desktop. The ribbon cables are the same, but instead of the large 4-wire molex power connector you need a small one (eg the same as the one on the floppy disk).

However there may be risks of windows protection errors when you put the HDD back in the laptop, because the hardware is different.

Is there an option in your BIOS for Boot from USB ?


  Billy911 15:31 22 Feb 2004

There's no option in the BIOS to boot from USB. The only reference to USB in the BIOS is 'USB Legacy Emulation= Enabled'.
I've just had a thought. What if I remove the HDD and put it into another laptop that has an internal FDD. Then I should be able to format the disk and start again. There are remnants of Windows 98 on this one and I think that is what's causing the problem.

  Paranoid Android 16:02 22 Feb 2004

My mistake. Of course you need a 3.5 - 2.5 adapter. (It's been a while...)

  Paranoid Android 16:06 22 Feb 2004

That should work OK Billy911 - as long as you can boot the machine with CD Rom support you'll have a reasonable chance of success.

Remember you won't have drivers for hardware in the laptop you'll be using, so a lot of devices won't be installed properly to begin with. Hopefully you will be able to sort this out when the HDD is back in its normal home.


  TECHNODIMWIT 16:17 22 Feb 2004

I just removed the hdd at the point when istallation asked me to removed the discs and restart.

in the laptop the O/s, WinME by the way, just found all the generic drivers ok.
I was lucky as i had the graphic and modem drivers available from the second recovery disc.

click here

might help for the drivers

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