Laptop problem. Can I restore original OS with a factory reset.

  castiel333 21:31 21 Jun 2014

I have just purchased a second hand laptop and it appears to be running a fake copy of Vista. I am so angry and upset as I would never have bought it had the seller informed me of this.

When the laptop was originally purchased new, it must have been running a genuine OS so, if I were to restore it to factory setting, would this then mean that it would revert to running the original legal operating system?

The laptop is an HP machine.

If not is there any other way of retrieving the original OS or any other way of making the laptop legal?

I cannot afford to buy a operating system but I really need a working legal laptop and am at my wits end. I would really appreciate any advice.

  rdave13 22:26 21 Jun 2014

If the restore to factory settings partition is there then yes.

  wee eddie 23:27 21 Jun 2014

Why do you think that it is running a fake copy of Vista?

If it an HP Laptop that is most unlikely.

As rdave13 said, a "Factory Reset" will get you all of HPs stuff back

  lotvic 23:37 21 Jun 2014

There should be a sticker label on the bottom of the laptop with the COA, Op System version and a product key to use should you ever need to install from DVD instead of the Factory restore on the HardDrive. The version on the sticker will be the original one that came with the laptop.

As per wee eddie says, Why do you think that it is running a fake copy of Vista?

  sharpamat 08:48 22 Jun 2014

To Repeat what others have said Why do you think your OS is not real.

I would advise caution before using a restore to factory setting, unless you have the full history of the System, The OS or the hardware may not be as original.

So unless you know what software came as per the original setup, You may well need original disks for anything that need to be installed such programs like Word etc

If the original restore has been removed you can obtain disks to restore it from HP but at a cost. any Programs you then require will also come at a cost, 2nd Hand may not be real.

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