Laptop power on problem.

  hawthorn59 22:46 28 Nov 2009

Hi folks!

I sold my year old HP laptop to a friend bout 18 months ago. Shortly after it stoppedworking, so I took it back (she hadnt paid me fully anyway!) and took it to the shop where I had bought it. My nephew happens to be manager there.

I had already sent it back previously when the wireless card stopped working, and HP replaced the entire motherboard. He told me they had had lots of returns on this model/series so they were continuing to repair after warranty.

So he sent it back again and once more they replaced the motherboard (I think!) and it worked.

But within a day or 2 I noticed problems turning it on. It just wouldnt! Not for quite a while. Tried unplugging etc but it just turned on when it choose. Then it worked perfectly.

If I left it for a few days or weeks it wouldnt turn on. Then I noticed the battery was losing a full charge in about 10 minutes so I thought it might be a battery problem. it seems the battery is dead now, so probably new battery required. Though it wasnt like this when I sold it.

SO, now I have it on mains only, battery removed; and tonight it wont turn on at all! Probably if I remove the power and reconnect tomorrow or later on, it will work.

The other thing is when I plug in the power unit to the laptop, the little blue light lights up where I plug it in (to the laptop).

Is there any point trying anything or will I just go back to the shop again!? Could I look for a new one at this stage!?



  ArrGee 00:56 29 Nov 2009

I'm not a hardware expert by any means, but this sounds like some kind of shortage. I would go back to the shop and ask for a diagnostic on that basis.

  mooly 08:22 29 Nov 2009

Unless it's a straightfoward problem (battery etc), I would say you had a case under the sale of goods act (depending where you are) particularly as it's been admitted there are issues with this model.

Have you tried removing battery and all power and holding the power button on por 20 seconds or so, then reconnecting and trying it all again.

As you mention the battery lasting only 10 minutes it "may" be that causing problems.

  hawthorn59 02:56 30 Nov 2009


I've removed the battery and am now only using mains. At the moment it wont turn on.

When I got it back last time it wouldnt turn on either; I took it back and of course it worked in the shop!

So Ive had it at home since, not using it, and now that my friend can pay me (!), Ive tried it and problem still there.

I think its a visit to the shop for me! i think they will be ok though!

thanks all


  reply4reply 12:31 02 Dec 2009

ok when u take it to the shop do they use their charger or yours?

when you say it doesnt turn on "you mean nothing happens no lights no fan nothing at all" or you mean "the lights up and nothing on the screen"

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