Laptop power failure

  Rotenone 05:56 04 May 2012

Sir, I have a 2 year old Packard Bell Easynote LJ 71 laptop.Recently it suddenly cut out and closed down by itself.I unplugged it,switched it on and it again shut down after a short time.Please can you advise me as to what is going wrong with it.

  wiz-king 06:08 04 May 2012

Overheating? Dust clogged fan? Fan failure? Faulty power supply/batteries?

Could be lots of things. I'm not a laptop expert but these are some of the common problems.

  birdface 08:14 04 May 2012

Try it with the battery removed.

  onthelimit1 08:50 04 May 2012

Does the led that indicates the battery is being charges illuminate? What does the battery level indicator show?

  finerty 09:56 04 May 2012

Get a brush and brush of the dust. Get an air can use the air can

Do you no about taking anti static precautions, Google it and read about it, get yourself an anti static wrist strap.

If u feel confident and have the manual of the laptop open it, the back cover to remove dust but make sure you are grounded. Only your manual will tell you how to open the laptop and may even explain how to remove the keyboard. It may come under the section of adding more RAM cards.

  finerty 09:58 04 May 2012

Alos use Q tips cotton wool tips to clean the and and use a pencil in between the blades to stop the fan moving to much as you give it clean.

  Rotenone 10:31 06 May 2012

Thank you everyone.I have found out that there is a thermal cut-out which kicks in when the laptop overheats due to a dust clogged fan. The advice about giving it a good clean was excellent and has cured the problem.Thank you all again. Best wishes.

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