Laptop for playing Counter Stike condition Zero

  bristolgirl 12:29 03 Sep 2006

Does anyone know if this laptop click here would be suitable for playing the game Counter Strike condition Zero online.

Any other recommedations would be appreciated too.


  wky 13:00 03 Sep 2006

I think the specs on that laptop aren't enough for condition zero, and you won't get very good framerates. should look for something with better memory or graphics?

  wolfie3000 13:31 03 Sep 2006

I would say it would play the game slowly on the games lowest setting,
Laptops aint much cop for playing games like CS unless you buy a really expencive one,

Might be an idea to go for a desktop,
it will be alot cheaper than getting a laptop of similar specs.

  bristolgirl 13:56 03 Sep 2006

my son is insisting on buying a laptop to play it on, despite him having access to the family desktop.

I notice that someone on this site has purchased this one click here and when I emailed him, he seemed happy enough with it. It was out of stock, which is why my son was looking for other options.

  Ashrich 23:05 03 Sep 2006

You really want something with dedicated graphics , not the integrated onboard Intel stuff , games of almost any sort would run like a sloth in treacle ! Minimum 512mb of memory , 1.5gig processor ( pentium M ) minimum 64mb dedicated graphics ( meaning a seperate card ) and a decent 15" screen , he might have to save up a bit more ....

  sean-278262 23:15 03 Sep 2006

I would get your son a desktop as you will need a minimum of £1000 before you get anything of any use for this game. Plus for a child a laptop can be a good way of hiding things from a parent. Not something you want. I would get a PC as for 400-500 you will get something that will do a fine job.

Discount my comments if this child is not of the age required for monitoring.

  bristolgirl 10:49 07 Sep 2006

I think that I managed to pursuade him to stick with a desktop but like all teenagers, he wouldn't have listened to me alone.

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