Laptop PC Replacement

  morddwyd 09:31 19 Feb 2012

Any recommendations for a touch screen laptop to replace my ageing desktop?

Mainly used for home office stuff, plus some still photo editing.

Very little use of audio, except compilation, so that's not an issue, neither is portability, just room to room maybe now and again.

I have vision problems so screen size is a factor, the larger the better.

Ideally Windows because of my legacy programmes (why are they programmes on Windos and apps anywhere else?).

Price I would not want to go much above £750.

  northumbria61 10:43 19 Feb 2012

Take a look at this one from Comet - Desktop replacement laptop with multi touch screen at a reduced price - v.good specification - one to consider. enter link description here

  rdave13 11:31 19 Feb 2012

Not a laptop but an all-in-one PC with 23" screen, Amazon

I's not sold by Amazon so worth looking around for one if not sure of market place.

  rdave13 11:36 19 Feb 2012

There's also an Acer Aspire for £632. Trouble is they're not laptops but have a decent sized touch screen.

  birdface 12:32 19 Feb 2012

Out of stock but a vast difference from northumbria61's price if it was the same laptop.

  northumbria61 14:06 19 Feb 2012

buteman - the specification of the Argos one is vastly different also - i3 v i7 at Comet etc.

  birdface 14:29 19 Feb 2012

Ok.never noticed.thanks

  morddwyd 09:03 20 Feb 2012

Thanks for the responses.

I already have a 15.9 touchscreen Aspure (5738PG) which I use as an everyday workhorse (I am using it now) but the various incarnations of the Aspire tend to be multi-media devices, and I don't want to be paying for something I don't want or already have.

Guess I'll just have to keep my eye on the new releases!

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