laptop to pc link up

  preo_666 20:12 29 Apr 2007

is there any way i can plug my laptop(on vista) upto my old pc tower(xp) so i can just use my laptop as a screen/mouse/keys etc. thanks

  Taff™ 09:45 30 Apr 2007

Not quite sure what you are trying to achieve. Do you want to access the files on your old PC Tower? If so you need to network the two machines either by cable or wirelessly.

Are you trying to use the Internet connection through the tower PC?

  FreeCell 16:59 30 Apr 2007

You can use logmein click here

That would do it. Both need to be on the internet though.

  preo_666 18:24 30 Apr 2007

I want to use my laptop as sort of a monitor,mouse,keyboard cos i dont want to have my pc fully set up,i just want my tower. if that helps.

  Taff™ 20:50 30 Apr 2007

Sorry - It doesn`t help! What do you want to achieve? Without setting up your laptop you can`t control anything or vice versa.

  preo_666 21:15 30 Apr 2007

ok, so i want my pc tower to plug into my laptop and control the tower on my laptop. so my laptop acts as a monitor and i can see everything from my tower on my laptop. my pc has no monitor,keyboard or mouse etc so thats what my laptop will be. its hard to explain but hope that helps. thank you

  Taff™ 07:34 01 May 2007

Without access to your PC to set it up you can`t control it from your laptop. As FreeCell says you can control another PC over a network or the internet - even using the built in Remote Access feature - but you must boot up the PC, log in and then set up the connection.

If you just want to have access to the files you could buy an external caddy to house the PC`s hard disk and plug it into your laptop using a spare USB port but this won`t enable you to use the programs on it.

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