laptop owning questions

  sharkfin 14:40 29 Nov 2005


I've jsut purchased my very first laptop this morning at Comet and its sitting here charging as we speak, i'm well chuffed.

Just got a few questions to ask about using and running laptops in gerneral.

I heard some stories that the laptop hinges can break or crack which kind of scares me. Is this a typical problem or is it a rare one? I intend to take it to university so I will be opening and closing it quite alot so i'm a bit worried.

Also, if I use it via the mains, do I have to remove the battery or is it ok to keep it in even though the battery is full?

erm thats all I can think of right now...

Hope you can help..

  daisy2bell 14:48 29 Nov 2005

Can't help you on the hinges.
If you use it mostly on the mains, then I think you should remove the battery, unless someone knows diferently

  Batch 15:37 29 Nov 2005

If the battery is Lithium-Ion as I understand it, they are more tolerant to being charged from a not fully discharged state.

See click here for the full low down on batteries.

  Chegs ®™ 16:13 29 Nov 2005

Whatever the type of battery,I would remove it when running off mains.At £100+ a pop,its your choice.

The hinges aren't the problem,rough handling is.Treat it with care,and you'll never have a problem.

  wjrt 16:20 29 Nov 2005

if you are taking it to uni then check the laptop has a facility to take a of the common types is Kensington lock which is like a bicycle lock ie part of the lock fits into a socket on the laptop and a chain to go around a secure point

  fitcher 17:16 29 Nov 2005

I see you saw the thread on forums about the hinges cracking ..that was addressed last year .with the company concerned .the latest ones have no deffects do not need to remove the battery .I let mine go down now and again ..I always use the power adaptor ..running it without battery is not recommended .what if the connections inside shorted out

  sharkfin 17:25 29 Nov 2005

hi thanks!

Just been using the laptop and the keyboard is sure different and very awkward to use. But i guess i'll have to get used to it. Regarding the hinges, yes, it was a thread i remember reading and also a friend had once which was crackng,,lol. But I guess if i treat it nice then it should be fine.

Regarding the battery, i'm getting confused. its a 6 cell litium battery. I dont really like the idea of buying new batteries at 100 a time but it would be a hassle to remove it everytime i use the mains. Would it be better all round just to use the laptop off the battery instead and only charge it off the main?

also i can hear the hard drive clicking away, is this normal? my desktop does click but isnt that noticable. anyone here own a laptop and does your one click?

  ade.h 17:29 29 Nov 2005

I never removed the cell from my old Toshiba unnless I was putting the spare in; they lasted fine for five years. So did the hinges. I'm hoping and expecting my new HP to last just as long. The HDD doesn't click as such, but it is audible, as it's pretty much right under your nose.

  sharkfin 20:26 29 Nov 2005

ok thanks for the replies! The clicking isnt all that bad. just that using one feels totally different to a desktop. Just done a reinstall of xp to get rid of norton and the extra software hp bundled in. everything going fine:)

  Belatucadrus 20:39 29 Nov 2005

If you find using the laptop keyboard awkward & difficult it's probably a good idea to plug in a standard keyboard, USB or PS2 depending on available socket. RSI isn't funny and if you have one location where most of the typing is done leave the keyboard there. Use the inbuilt one when on the move.
As to battery life, some people here go as far as storing the battery in the fridge and using it when necessary. Mine stays in the laptop and is mains powered most of the time, once a month though I run on battery right up to the power warning then charge up again. I've only ever had one battery fail and that was after years of use. click here for more battery info.
As to running off the battery only, battery life is measured in charging cycles, the more you use it, the less time it will last.

  MIke 20:43 29 Nov 2005

You say using the keyboard is very awkward to use. I agree I prefer to use a traditional keyboard, however I have found that if you keep your hand flatter than you would with a conventional keyboard and sort of let your fingers glide over the keyboard rather than bending your fingers, then the laptop is more comfortable to use. Easier to demonstrate than explain in words. I also hate the feel of those touchpads under the fingertips...horrid. I always attach a mouse!


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