Laptop overheating

  collinsc 19:46 05 Jul 2011

Hi My laptop keeps overheating, i have purchased a 3 blade fan for underneath - but it still cuts out. laptop is about 4 years old and is an acer 5613

Any suggestions? other than get a new one! - which may make sense - how often should one upgrade?


  collinsc 19:46 05 Jul 2011


  onthelimit1 19:53 05 Jul 2011

It may be just dust/fluff clogging the fan. Use a can of compressed air to blow backwards through the vent, and see if that helps.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:14 05 Jul 2011

5620 fan clean here A5613 shouldn't be too different

  collinsc 20:32 05 Jul 2011

thanks guys

  Bald Eagle 22:57 05 Jul 2011

Overheating is the reason I will never buy a laptop again. Fortunately I'm retired and sedentary so don't need one now. Mine started overheating and the only way to clean it was by splitting the case and blowing out the incredible amount of dust that had accumulated around the processor. To split the case meant disconnecting the floppy lead to the screen and there was no way it would reconnect. So it went to the great computer graveyard in the sky, after the hard disk had an argument with a hammer!

  proudfoot 12:07 06 Jul 2011

I would be prepared to put money on it being full of fluff. It happened to my wife's 4 year old laptop. remove any covers and blow out with a PC gas can, ordinary compressed air can have water droplets in it.

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