Laptop Overheating

  5starred 12:50 19 Feb 2007

Been having a bit of trouble with my laptop overheating just wondered if anyone can recommend a coolpad that they have used?

  Diodorus Siculus 12:56 19 Feb 2007

click here from Amazon - not the cheapest, but certainly effective.

Worth also checking that nothing is blocking the fans on your machine - dust can build up around the very limited inlets on many laptops.

  5starred 12:59 19 Feb 2007

Hoovered around the inlets made a small difference but think its time for a coolpad. Do ther screw on to the laptop or do they just sit on them?

  Diodorus Siculus 13:02 19 Feb 2007

It just sits on top - no need to screw it in; the above has two speed settings and I used it in central america last year when it was hot! Worked wonderfully.

  sean-278262 13:26 19 Feb 2007

Use compressed air and direct it into all the air intakes on the machine. I used this and it cleared a large amount of dust from the inlets and reduced running noise and heat.

  wee eddie 13:31 19 Feb 2007

on my Hoover, a powerful hair-drier (with the heat turned off) will do the same thing (a floe restriction nozzle increases the blast of air, albeit over a smaller area).

  5starred 10:22 16 Mar 2007

Bought the coolpad but still having problems with the laptop overheating. Could the fault be the power supply getting too hot?

I have used a hairdryer on cold mode but that hasn't helped, maybe I should take the laptop to bits and give it a real good clean.

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