Laptop overheating?

  Bad Dad 12:09 28 Aug 2006

Got a new Asus A6M-Q009H laptop the other day. After a couple of hours it completely switches off with no warning. When you power up again, Windows wants to check the hard drive but its OK. After a shorter time (say an hour) - same thing. ASUS help line says it might be software - could this be the case or are they spinning a line? Does this with both on adapter and battery. Could it be overheating? Any help would be very greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

  SANTOS7 12:31 28 Aug 2006

May much depend on where you are useing your laptop,
the WORST place to use it GUESS WHAT !!! is on your lap, you need airflow underneath to cool it down, placing it on your lap can stem the airflow to the point that it has been known to burn people..

  g0slp 12:33 28 Aug 2006

Are you using the machine on a suitable surface (such as a table) so that air can circulate, & is the machine's fan running?

In any case, if it's a new machine then I think that a swift return to the supplier is in order.

  Belatucadrus 12:42 28 Aug 2006

Could it be overheating ? Yes, but that doesn't mean it is. I'd be rather surprised if a new laptop suffered overheating problems, that's more normal in older machines suffering fluff build up on fans and heat exchangers. What kind of surface are you using it on, many modern laptops have the cooling fan vents on the bottom, making them really unsuitable for use on a lap or any other irregular surface. They need a flat unobstructed base.
As to the "Software" it's not impossible, it would depend what you've added to the system. But I'd have to say I think it unlikely as software clashes that are bad enough to crash a PC usually make themselves fairly obvious from the moment you boot up.
As it's a new PC I'd return it and ask for a replacement.

  Bad Dad 13:10 28 Aug 2006

Thanks for the help everyone - guess I'm on the phone again! Many thanks again.

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