Laptop Overheating?

  pukka7773 12:11 11 May 2004

Can anyone help? I seem to be having problems with what I think is my laptop overheating and despite speaking to various people cannot get the problem sorted. I think that is is a simple problem of the bios needing updating. I have downloaded the latedt bios update from Fujitsu however cannot get it to work. The file is a WinImage self extracting file which I have saved to a floppy and tried to boot from as the readme file says however my sytem just says 'starting windows 98 and indicates the a:\' (I'm currently running xp so now i'm really confused!) I have rechecked the bios information and it has not upgraded it at all ~ where am i going wrong? On the bios notes it says that it has been updated 5 or 6 times since I bought my laptop just over 12 months ago and the last 2 upgrades have been for overheating problems, if only I could get this upgrade to work I might have a system that would stay on for longer than 10 minutes! If anyone could help or point me in the right direction (perhaps there is a problem with the bios I have been supplied?) I have had the system checked by two local dealers who have both given me different conclusions. shop one told me that it was the fan not working and that the system was switching itself off because it was overheating? shop two ran it through their diagnostics and tell me there is a fault with the ram. I have taken the keyboard out and can plainly see that the fan appears to be working fine. When the system is left like this (where the air can get in ok) the system stays on with no problems, however as soon as the keyboard is set back in the fan seems to do overtime and off goes the system feeling very hot indeed. I have also addressed the problem of the ram, the system currently runs two 256mb chips so I have run the system with one at a time and the system goes off using either of them leading me to think that either they are both dodgy (but why does the sytem run ok when the keyboard is out?) or there is nothing wrong with the ram at all. I have checked the bios updates from fujitsu siemens and the last two updates are for optimising the cpu cooling surveillance and for checking the correct thermal settings are added. The current bios does not allow me to check the cpu temperature settings.

  computernerdiamnot 12:20 11 May 2004

Download from this site to get readings of cpu and hard drive temp. click here=

  pukka7773 15:02 11 May 2004

forgive me for being stupid but the sisoftware sandra looks a great tool for someone who has a clue what they are doing, i have downloaded it and installed it but have not got a clue what to do next!

  wee eddie 15:24 11 May 2004

Have you tried blowing the dust out from the inside?

  pukka7773 15:42 11 May 2004

no, i will go and get a can of compressed air and try it though

  wee eddie 16:22 11 May 2004

If you have a cleaner that blows as well as sucks.

Turn it to blow. After it has cleared itself - put the nozzle to the fan vents - blow in both directions.

  TomJerry 16:29 11 May 2004

What you did is correct for bios upgrade, but you need go on from there. After a:\, you need to type the command which actually do upgrade. It should be in instruction. It cannot upgrade itself automatically. If you cannot figure out the upgrade steps, tell us where you downloaded the file (link) also the model of your laptop, someone in here will find out the upgrade steps for you.

One more question, are you sure overheating problem can be solved by bios upgrade?

  TomJerry 16:34 11 May 2004

just read your post in details, your diagnostics is right. It must be overheating problem. By the way, can you check if there any physical block to prevent the fan working when you put keyboard on. Maybe keyboard slightly out of shape and blocked the fan.

  pukka7773 18:03 11 May 2004

click here

This is the link you asked for. The model is the Amilo D7820. If you have a read of the readme.txt you will see mentions the heating problems, anyway have a read and let me know what you think.

  TomJerry 18:46 11 May 2004

(1) After boot from floppy you produced, when you see a:\, just type "flash", this will start flash program. Do not be alarm by "starting windows 98". This is because flash should be down from dos, but WinXP and Win2K do not have dos, the last MS Win with dos is win98. So dos start disk normally 98 or 95.

(2) Rename the file "flash.bat" to "autoexec.bat" and boot up from floppy and the flash will start automatically. In readme, autoexec.bat is refered to, but this file is not on disk, bad instruction. Good, I am still remember from dos days.

This flash is rather old, 2002 or 2003. Are you sure it will solve your problem? Your problem seems very recent.

Good luck.

  computernerdiamnot 18:50 11 May 2004

I think the problem is that you have to format the floppy under DOS, HERE IS SOME INFO. All BIOS Flash-disks on the SERVICE mailbox are not deposited as "boot disks" because of licence reasons. That's why you have to create a "MS-DOS-Boot-Disk" first (no Windows 9x DOS). Under W 2000 and Windows XP there is no MS-DOS anymore. That's why you have to take a DOS-capable operating system for the creation of a bootable disk.

Format disk under MS-DOS 6.2x (see installation note) with "Format a: /S" (systemfiles are transferred) or: "format a:" and then "sys a:"
Download BIOS-ZIP or EXE-file from the SERVICE-Mailbox to this disk.
Copy a zipped BIOS-Update from disk to a TEMP-directory on your computer.
From this location, unzip data onto disk ( which must be bootable, meaning it necessary that the disk has been formatted in a operating system (Win95, Win98, Win ME) under DOS.).
A few packed programs require their system files to be transferred one more time (e.g. with "sys a:"), as the disk's content has been erased before unzipping.
For the BIOS flash, the notebook has to be connected to a power source via the adapter.
Always use BIOSflash disk for booting.
Flash process must not be interrupted under any circumstances.
If the computer doesn't boot with the help of the bootdisk, check the BIOS-settings.

Eject the disk from the drive after the Bios-update and then reboot the computer. Check, if the BIOS is updated now (version number).

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