Laptop overheated and automatically turned of?

  GEEKSTA 18:28 15 Jan 2009

Last night, my laptop over heated and automatically turned of.

The top right had side just under ma screen was really hot.
As soon as it went of, i new it was something funny like over heating! - so i ran outside with it and cooled it down!

I wasnt blocking any fans or anything,, but i was streaming 2 videos of the internet?

Its back and running now, but is there anything i should do now do to check if everything is ok??


  Stuartli 18:38 15 Jan 2009

Make sure when using the laptop that it is not standing/resting on a soft surface or that the fan is blocked - some of the latest dual core models can get very hot and such precautions are even more important.

You won't have done any hard as it's likely the Bios has been configured to close it down in the event of overheating i.e. after reaching a certain temperature level.

You may also be working in a warm room (perhaps due to central heating) and this means less cool air is available to help keep the laptop from getting too hot.

  kjrider 19:33 15 Jan 2009

Check its not got dust inside it which will cause it. Blow it out with an air jet.

  kjrider 19:33 15 Jan 2009

Check its not got dust inside it which will cause it. Blow it out with an air jet.

  Bris 19:38 15 Jan 2009

If its more than a couple of years old the problem could be a build up of dust which is preventing the fan from doing its job. Unfortunately about the only way of curing this is to take it to bits and clean it out. Hopefully this is not the case but if you have tried what Stuartli suggest and it still overheats then its probably the only option. Running processor intensive routines will certainly cause the processor to heat up but dont know if streaming videos falls into that category. You could try using the performance monitor to check the processor load next time you try steaming.

  472 19:32 16 Jan 2009

Go here and look.
click here
Brought my daughter one for overheating problems. Just place the tray under your laptop and plug it in to your USB, the 3 fans cool the laptop great and no problems since.

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