Laptop overheat issue

  TamasFlorin 19:01 05 May 2014

So,I have an acer aspire v3-771g and it started to make some strange noise two days ago and I was wondering if it could be due to overheating. HWMonitor: click here click here sometimes some processes like skype use up to 20-30% of my cpu when they are running in the background and that's when the noise gets worse for a few seconds. Videos also makes it worse and I don't really know why could this happen. So if you've got any ideas please answer.

Specs: Also

  bumpkin 20:01 05 May 2014

Those temperatures are not high. I would be looking for another cause.

  onthelimit1 20:11 05 May 2014

Strange noises? Something in the fan or, if there are clicking noises, possibly the hard drive. There's really nothing else on a laptop to generate noises. What make and model of laptop? Some are easy to check the fan/heatsink (Dell Inspiron, for example) - others need a complete strip.

  TamasFlorin 14:35 06 May 2014

@onthelimit1 Laptop: Acer Aspire V3-771G It's the fan that does the noise but the strange thing is that it only starts to make that noise when I log in to windows. Also sometimes the noise is louder(when skype uses 20-30% of my cpu) Could it be a windows problem?Because I am really starting to think it is as most of the time I am only using Chrome and Skype and the CPU goes up to 70-80%. Thanks for answering.

  kris594 23:56 12 May 2014

Have you tried to clean out the fan? It seems like the fan is making the noise

  alanrwood 09:30 13 May 2014

It is most likely the fan which is being asked to work harder when the cpu is under load. Sounds like the fan is on the way out.

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