Laptop or Netbook

  Mutant_Llama 17:19 14 Sep 2010

I was thinking of buying either a Laptop or Netbook, to use mostly for Facebook, MSN, browsing etc. Most likely be used for an hour or two each night, should I be looking at a laptop or would a netbook suffice?

Can anyone recommend a decent, cheap Laptop/Netbook?

  robin_x 03:10 15 Sep 2010

Netbooks have long battery capacity but the screens are too small for me.

Since you don't plan on spending hours in coffee shops on battery, I would say go for laptop.

  Batch 16:45 15 Sep 2010

I've got both. The netbook is handy when I'm sitting on the sofa watching TV as it is small and light, whereas the laptop (even though it is less than 2kg) is still on the heavy / cumbersome side.

By way of contrast, sitting at a desk, the lappie wins.

  woodchip 17:41 15 Sep 2010

I have both, and both have advantages as well as disadvantages. I have HP 510 Notebook Pavilion and a Samsung nc10 Netbook. Netbook is handy as you can use for long periods without mains. mine up to about 9 hour depending how I use it

  woodchip 17:43 15 Sep 2010

Not forgetting you need a External Optical Drive for a Burner and loading Software

  amateur geek 09:30 16 Sep 2010

I love my netbook. The advantages of the netbook are that it is light and it is small enough to go into my handbag and so does not advertise itself to potential muggers. I do carry it round with me a lot. I also use it whilst watching tv, but the small screen is a disadvantage for prolonged use other than collecting straightforward data. And of course you don't get an optical drive so can't watch films - and the screen is so small you probably wouldn't want to. If you are not going to carry it round all day and so are not worried about weight, I'd go for a laptop.

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