Laptop not working

  Fubarfrog 13:15 09 Aug 2009

I opened call of duty 4 multiplayer ,not for the first time I've played it many times before on my laptop .but this time after 5 seconds my screen shut off so I had to turn the laptop off and restart it , it started and my screen just had lines down it , so I left it an hour and turned it back on and it was fine , I was playing another game and on msn, but when I started COD again it did the same thing but this time it doesent matter how long I leave it , it still starts with lines down the screen and I can not use the laptop , is there anything I can do? Also I cannot view the display because of the lines so I don't know how I can do anything, is there a reset button or combination of keys I can press lol

  johndrew 13:29 09 Aug 2009

It sounds like a bad news as this could be an indication of a screen failure. If you can plug in an external monitor and the display is good then I`m afraid it would confirm my fears.

The only other cause that I have come across (on a desktop not laptop) is memory corruption - sometimes caused by bad contacts in RAM sticks or the graphics card. This can be cured by re-seating the RAM and/or card(s) or even by powering down and re-booting. You could try removing the battery from the laptop (make certain it is turned off first) and leave it for a few minutes then refit it and see what happens when you boot up.

  Fubarfrog 13:34 09 Aug 2009

It's defenitly not the screen I have tried conecting 2 external displays. And rebooted many times

  Fubarfrog 14:07 09 Aug 2009

K I can see the display but it's on the start up loading notams it's been loading for over an hour

  johndrew 14:50 09 Aug 2009

I`m glad of the good news.

Have you tried re-seating cards/sticks/battery?

Is there any possibility you have corrupted a driver?

Have you tried going to a Restore point you know worked?

  Fubarfrog 15:13 09 Aug 2009

Thanks for replying , i've restored it and it works although if I try to run any fullscreen game it crashes still

  johndrew 09:54 10 Aug 2009

Could be that you run out of memory in full screen mode. Some games do take a lot.

  Fubarfrog 20:02 10 Aug 2009

thought that but it's been fine for over a year playing the same games

  Technotiger 21:38 10 Aug 2009

Go into Windows and delete the Temp Folder, then re-start the computer in the normal way. Windows will re-create an empty Temp folder automatically.

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