Laptop not starting up

  lahorie 12:26 17 Jan 2008


I plugged an external usb cd drive into my dell laptop and it shut down immediately. Now it wont start at all, nothing, no lights or beeps. I can hear the hum of the power supply when i put my ear close to the laptop but nothing else.
what has happened, has the mobo had it? Can i check it in any way?



  birdface 14:01 17 Jan 2008

Have you tried un-plugging the external hard drive and try and start in safe mode.If it starts try last good configuration.

  birdface 14:20 17 Jan 2008

That should have been external Cd drive.

  xania 15:08 17 Jan 2008

Any beeps (indicating successful POST)?

  lahorie 15:49 17 Jan 2008

Hi Guys,

The external cd drive was removed and when i started nothing, no POST, no BIOS nothing on screen. Just a black screen, no bleeps either. I can hear the power humming in the laptop but no fan spinning or processor spinning.



  SANTOS7 15:59 17 Jan 2008

No bios beeps suggest NO POWER, A LOOSE CARD , A SHORT it is also condusive to third party hardware namely your external CD drive it is possible you have shorted something on your MOBO when plugging in this device while your lappy was running...

  lahorie 16:05 17 Jan 2008

Can i resolve this or is this a case of a new motherboard?


  SANTOS7 16:15 17 Jan 2008

Could possibly be a corrupt BIOS you could try resetting it..

  lahorie 16:36 17 Jan 2008


Is this by resetting the cmos battery?


  SANTOS7 16:41 17 Jan 2008

yes , take it out leave for couple of mins put back in...

  lahorie 16:46 17 Jan 2008

Thnaks Santos7,

I'll try and let you know.


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