Laptop not flat on desk

  wee eddie 22:10 01 Mar 2003

Last saturday I had a wee accident and now have a trapped nerve in my neck.

As an ADDICT, I now have a problem. How do I feed the beast? Here I am, I can do almost everything to feed it BUT!

I need to bring the screen almost level with my eyes. Raising the Laptop to a suitable height does not really work as the keyboard is then inaccessable.

The latest solution and therefor the question.

2 Box Files against the back of my desk. Rear Feet/Pads of laptop hooked over the top edge of the boxfiles and the screen verticle.

The body of the Laptop therefor sits at about 45'

Will this cause harm?

  Tim1964 22:48 01 Mar 2003

Wee Eddie,

Can you not use an ordinary monitor for the time being?

Someone you know must have a 15" original you could borrow.

Get well soon


  froggg 23:09 01 Mar 2003

Use a mirror set at 45 degrees-bear in mind the keyboard will also be mirrored,but if you cross your hands youll be ok!

  wee eddie 23:13 01 Mar 2003

More worried about the HD.

Will it be unhappy running while sitting at this angle?

Might want to run the DVD as well

Does anyone know if there should be aproblem?

  MAJ 23:16 01 Mar 2003

There shouldn't be any problems, I've run PCs lying on there sides while fixing them, which necessitated running the hard drive, floppy drive and CD-ROM drive at that angle.

  MAJ 23:18 01 Mar 2003

"there"........ should read.......their.

  Audeal 23:42 01 Mar 2003

You can run a HDD on it's side, but I don't know if you can run it upside down.

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