laptop not booting in xp

  sunnystaines 09:53 29 Jan 2012

gets to xp logo then black screen with options of safemode,last working config etc none of these options work get a half second flash of bdsod screen before restart again.

tried sony recovery dvd which takes to curser but keyboatd fails to respond, tried xp cd to reload xp get same curser.

any advice please

  birdface 10:41 29 Jan 2012


Have you tried safe mode to see if it would start.

  birdface 10:53 29 Jan 2012

If any thing plugged in to any usb ports remove them and see if it makes any difference.

Maybe reseat the ram or hoover out the air vents.

Try it with the battery taken out.

I take it that it was not loosing time or date.

Best waiting for someone that knows what they are doing that was only a few things to try until someone can give you the advice that you need.

  birdface 10:53 29 Jan 2012


Have you tried safe mode to see if it would start.

  onthelimit1 11:36 29 Jan 2012

One of the options on that screen is to disable restart on BSOD. The next time you boot, the BSOD will stay and you may be able to determine the problem.

  sunnystaines 15:31 29 Jan 2012

update so far

went into local sony shop who said press f10 during start up to access diagnostic tools and factory reset.

tools found surface area of hdd FAILED.

managed to get a factory reset option running after which i run chkdsk expecting it to find errors and either fix or mark to avoid. but chkdsk came back CLEAN.

in process now of getting updates and cofiguation etc.

not sure how long till it comes back? any one got any advice.

  sunnystaines 15:34 29 Jan 2012


safemode options, last working conig, start windows normally had all failed. no way of reading bsod it was too quick

nothing was plugged in other than power lead, ram and cpu all passed diagnostics, as did hdd bar the one fail.

  onthelimit1 17:13 29 Jan 2012

'no way of reading bsod it was too quick'

read my post.

  birdface 19:32 29 Jan 2012

If it was a factory restore you did you would loose everything that you had on the computer as it would be starting afresh.

Did it with this computer about 6 months ago and it took me about 3 hours including downloading all of the updates.

  sunnystaines 21:11 29 Jan 2012


never saw that option, buteman got the basics up and running.

might just do a complete reinstall of the lot.

  birdface 21:39 29 Jan 2012

Hi I thought that you had already did a restore back to factory settings.

Did you just mean a system repair.

Factory settings is ok but it takes so long and probably with XP even longer.

I would leave it as a last resort and remember you will have to save anything that you need as factory Restore removes everything.

The restore is no problem it is just downloading all of the Microsoft updates and then adding all of your security programs etc back on.Give yourself about 4 hours as the updates are so slow and you have to keep rebooting to install them.

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