Laptop with no cd drive

  skan 23:22 26 Jul 2007

I won a laptop on ebay & suppose to be a reward for my son who did well in his 1st yr at high school but I am no IT knowligible & the laptop have no cd drive so can anyone advise how to load software or save (not on harddisc?)
Laptop is:
Brand: HP
Condition: Used
Processor Speed: 1.5 GHz
Processor Type: Intel Pentium 4
Hard Drive Capacity: 30 GB
Memory (RAM): 128 MB
Screen Size: --
Primary Drive: --
Features: 10/100 LAN Card, Carrying Case, Modem, Operating System, USB
What can I do or improve so he can make full use?
Mainly use for say: internet broadband, Printing work form school homework.
Maybe play a few games on the net
any good for downloading music etc????
Please help and advise

It also said:
"There is a 30GB Hard Drive installed but Windows will need to be reinstalled. The Hard drive was taken from another Laptop to make this one complete so the Operating System needs to be freshly installed. The laptop has an HP Windows 2000 PRO and a Windows XP PRO License attached."

What does the above mean?

  Tim1964 23:55 26 Jul 2007

The laptop has a hard drive in it but it is blank. XP is 'locked' to the PC it was originally activated on.

It is saying that if you get a copy of XP Pro you can use tat license number to activate it.

I notice that the spec says 'operating system' included but the last part say it needs an install.

External CD or DVD rom drives are available of course but it might be worth looking on ebay for a DVD drive for that particular model. I have a DVD drive to replace the CD drive in my laptop that was about £15.

The PC will definitely need more RAM.

It is going to be quite expensive to upgrade the laptop (RAM, OS, DVD drive)so I hope you got it for a good price.

  skan 09:20 27 Jul 2007

Hi Tim 1964,

Thank you for the explanation.
So once I can a copy of XP Pro, how to install onto it? Isn't XP pro the Operating system which should be included?
Should I still ask the seller?

So you think a DVD rom drive will be more useful, why? but DVD rom can't save onto where as a CDRw, at least he can saveanywork onto and take it to school etc.

What ram should i upgrade to and as a guide what price are ram?


  skan 15:20 27 Jul 2007

I just recived the laptop and it had a blank/empty holeat the front(I think it is for the Cd drive).
I switched it on and it take sa little time to boot up but it did open a small window Window XP Proffessional.
Then another little window with Isass-exe system error
Inside the box stated " Security Accounts Manager initialization failed because of the following error. The handle is invalid. Error status: Oxc 0000008. Please click ok into safe mode, check the event log for more detailed information."

What are all this ?

Please help.

Can I just buy an internal cd rom or DVD dom or cdrw and slot into the hole & it will work? what else do I need to do?

  Diemmess 18:04 27 Jul 2007

Its not clear what exactly you do have.

So that others can offer ideas, will you please look carefully on the bottom or edge of the case and see if you can identify the actual model.
You mention HP (Hewlett Packard) but some of the components may only take HP parts.

It is the model name we need to be able to recommend what you might do, (not the serial number.)

(Safe Mode) is a way of starting a computer without all its refinements.
I have a sinking feeling that at the moment you wont be able to start this way either, but try--

--After switch-on keep tapping F8 and it should go to a black and white screen which offers safe mode as a choice.
Use your arrow keys to highlight safe mode and press enter.

  skan 00:05 28 Jul 2007


On the bottom, it is a hp omnibook 6000 series but under the screen it stated as hp omnibook vt6200.

It had a Windows XP Professional 1 - 2cpu sticker Hewlett Packard E85-01144 product key (5 set of letters& numbers. Window 2000 professional 1-2 CPU product key (5set of letters& numbers)

No more other clue except HP serial number.

Any thing else?
I would appreciate step by step on what I can do.
Initially, I think I need to find a 1)cd rom to fit in the hole, what model I can have?

2)a dvd rom in the hole, what model I can have?
3) cdrw drive to fit in the hole , what model I can have?

Then I need a cd of window xp, does it matter whether it is professional or home?

Then what do I do?
Do I increase the Ram first?

next install words & excel etc.

How to get on the net?

Hope you can help

  skan 00:11 28 Jul 2007

Hi the seller replied by query. this is what he stated:
"you just need a standard LAPTOP CD or DVD ROM DRIVE as far i know for those
laptops......then if you aquire a copy of XP you just turn the machine on
and put the CD in the drive and follow the on screen
basically keeps asking you things and click next...set the time, enter your
name, enter the code ( on the sticker underneath the laptop) then if you get
a copy of windows office or windows works you get word , excel, acess etc
and again just insert the disk in the drive and follow all on screen

What do you all think?
Is it okay?
Where I can find a cd rom or dvd rom? I would prefer a cdrw at least so he can save the work he do.

  Diemmess 08:53 28 Jul 2007

Thanks for the useful information.
I looked in Google and found this review click here
This is a review published in 2002 and I feel it doesn't reassure me about the purchase you have made.

I hope I am wrong, but you mention a hole at the front.

The review mentions swapping a floppy drive for a CD-RW and even a DVDROM.
These will be HP parts and if you have only a hole, there is no way you can put anything onto the computer (Windows or applications)

I hate to say this, but I think that making this usable at all will involve both skilled technical knowledge and a deep pocket.

I'm very sorry skan, but unless someone else comes in on this one with more positive ideas, you may have to consider your chances of returning and a refund.

  Strawballs 12:31 28 Jul 2007

That review mentioned a latch which will make putting a new CD/RW in easy if you can get the correct one my friend has a laptop that has the same system and it is just a case of releasing the latch and sliding the unit in and out.

  norman47 13:32 28 Jul 2007

Some info for the omni book click here

click here

  Tim1964 16:57 28 Jul 2007

The lappy I have came with a CD rom drive. I found a DVD rom (not writer) from ebay for less than £15. I had a look on the Compaq site and a few other laptop sites but the caost of a new DVD drive was around £100!

skan, if you look on the HP site for the part number of a DVD RW or CD RW dive for your machine you can then puut this number in the search on ebay. This way it filters out the non compatible drives.

Good luck.

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