Laptop - Networking and watching Sky Digital

  David-235429 16:30 09 Apr 2005

Hello all

I am looking at buying a laptop which I hope to link to my main home pc using a wirefree broadband router. The laptop will be intel centrino or Pentium M and wifi enabled. Shouldn't be much of a problem there (hopefully!).

However, I'd like to take the laptop with me when I go caravanning and use it to view Sky digital (We take a sat dish and digibox and presently use a TV set)I'm not clear on what i need to acheive this. I've seen a Hauupage TV thingy with a remote control and USB2 connection (about £60-£70) Is this what I need? Presumably it plugs into a USB port on the laptop, with an S video connection from the Hauupage thing going to a scart connection on the Sky digibox, but what about sound?


Confused !


  BRYNIT 19:11 09 Apr 2005

Any TV card connected to you laptop will work, you can just connect the RF (aerial) out from the digi box to the RF (aerial) in of the TV card you then need to tune sky into a TV channel.

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