Laptop microphone trouble

  pegangray 20:04 28 Dec 2007

I have an Asus laptop running Vista Home premium and I want to record conversations through a microphone 3.5 mm input or a USB mic. I have tried both but so far I cannot get any sound to record clearly in or out. Does anyone have the instructions to set up a microphone to work with Vista? I have a Logitec USB Microphone and a Sony stereo mic with a 3.5 jack I have failed to get either working. ANY HELP gratefully accepted!

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  Technotiger 20:08 28 Dec 2007

Have a look in Control panel Sounds and check that mic is not muted.

  pegangray 21:55 28 Dec 2007

Checked mic is not muted and I have got it working very softly but I am not able to increase volume

  Technotiger 22:01 28 Dec 2007

Silly question I suppose, but you have checked your Volume control is fully up? In Control panel>Sounds make sure you have ticked 'Place Volume icon in Task bar' then check Volume Control.

  pegangray 22:48 28 Dec 2007

Oh to have XP instead of Flipping Vists I had a look on my desktop and i could do all you sugest easily but not with Vista. I am seriously thinking of getting a copy of XP Pro and installing it! Volume adjustment is non existent as far as the sort I need. I give up, unless there is a fairy God father who knows the answer.

  Technotiger 23:09 28 Dec 2007

Vista allows you to choose the right volume for any running application. It's also very easy to use. Right-click the speaker icon in the notification area (systray) of your desktop, then click Volume Mixer to open the control. You'll see a list of programs running. Then, just use the slider bar to adjust the volume up or down,"

  Technotiger 23:12 28 Dec 2007
  Quiet Life 23:24 28 Dec 2007

I had trouble as well but applying the microphone boost made a big difference
Control Panel -> Hardware and Sound -> Sound -> Recording -> Microphone -> Properties -> Custom -> Microphone +20dB Boost

I reverted to XP as I found Vista too much agrvation and XP did everything I wanted with no problems

  woodchip 23:34 28 Dec 2007

As you are using a Laptop Check by pressing fn key plus volume key normally one on the top row, to make sure it is on full

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