Laptop memory problems

  Dirty Dick 16:14 05 Oct 2005

I'm trying to send a powerpoint presentation via e-mail using Outlook Express. The presentation is about 350 Mb in size, but it keeps failing to go saying that there is not enough memory?? Also the laptop is running very slow, and the thing I am most concenrned about is that the Recycle Bin Icon is showing that there is something in the bin, but when I open it, there is nothing there. HOWEVER if I click on the 'Empty the Recycle Bin link, the message 'DO YOU REALLY WANT TO DELETE WINDOWS' comes up. I have Not emptyed the bin. Can anyone help?

Thanks. DD

  Fingees 16:34 05 Oct 2005

I know there is a limit to the size of Emails that can be sent. I don't know what it is though.

That may be the answer.

Some time ago I went to send some BMP pictures, but had to convert them to JPG as it was too much to send.
This may or may not help.

  Dirty Dick 16:45 05 Oct 2005

Thanks for your reply, but I have sent larger files on e-mail than this. I am more concerned about my Recycle Bin saying that Windows is ready to be deleted.

  woodchip 16:45 05 Oct 2005

Try this, it supports large E-Mails click here

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