Laptop memory problem

  The goblin 11:29 24 Oct 2007

I hope that someone out there can give me some advice ?????
I have a Toshiba satellite pro L20 laptop .
At the moment it has got 1 memory stick ( 256)
I have purchased 2 sticks 1gig each ( pc2 4200s)
This should be ok with this laptop . The problem I am getting is when I put the 2 sticks in the laptop just keeps on rebooting ,when it gets to the desktop.

I have tried just one stick in , this makes no difference .
It works ok in safe mode with the to sticks in
I have looked in the Bios to see if there is anything that needs to be changed but I am at a blank now .

Can anyone offer any advice

Many Thanks

  crosstrainer 11:35 24 Oct 2007

Is manufacturer specific. Did you check that you have the correct Toshiba modules?

If so, it's possible you may need a BIOS upgrade.

click here

Choose your model, but follow all instructions carefully...Flashing a BIOS should be done with care.

Hope this helps :)

  [email protected] 11:39 24 Oct 2007

Where did you get ram and how did you validate compatability.
There are alot of factors in getting the correct ram,the pc2 4200 number is not enough alone.

  The goblin 11:45 24 Oct 2007

Thanks Guys for your Quick replys
I got the ram from ebay and I think its the correct type .
It seems to be just a problem with windows , it runs ok in safe mode .
And it runs fine with a linux live cd in
so I just cant work this one out

Thanks once again

  crosstrainer 11:47 24 Oct 2007

Extra sure you have the correct modules. I'm always a bit wary of buying laptop memory from anything other than a reputable dealer. You still have the BIOS upgrade option in my previous link.

  The goblin 11:50 24 Oct 2007

on the 256 stick it has 1Rx16 pc4-444-12
on the 1gigs it has 2Rx8pc2-4200s-444-12-E3
it's made by samsung ,would that make a difference ????

  crosstrainer 12:00 24 Oct 2007

Likely, mismatched for a start, try getting a memory audit from:

This is what you should be using:

click here

  [email protected] 12:02 24 Oct 2007
  martjc 12:05 24 Oct 2007 ascertain compatibility. To do this just run the machine with the original memory and go to the Crucial site to test for what type of ram you have. This test will point out what you have in the machine and what you can put in it.

With laptops particularly, it's vital that the ram module is exact - not just similar.

Good luck.

  The goblin 12:13 24 Oct 2007

Just put the old ram back in and now I can't log in , it just says saving your settings ,
I hope I have not messed it up


  crosstrainer 12:23 24 Oct 2007

In safe mode....The link I posted before is the correct memory for your make and model.

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