Laptop memory increase.Is it worth doing?

  Dibble101 07:55 19 Mar 2012

I have an Acer AS3810TZG running an Intel Pentium 1.3Ghz processor and 4GB of memory, Windows 7. The graphics use up to 2.2GB of memory. My question is will it be worthwhile to increase the memory to 8GB. Would I see an improvement?

  birdface 08:01 19 Mar 2012

Not sure but if it is a 32 bit W/7 the answer would be No.

  Dibble101 08:13 19 Mar 2012

It's 64 bit W7.

  birdface 08:22 19 Mar 2012

Well I would think the answer would be a yes to increase it.

I tried crucial with mine and it said I could upgrade to 8gb but it could not tell me what I could upgrade it with.

  Dibble101 08:36 19 Mar 2012

Just having a look at my resources monitor. It's showing the following:- Hardware reserved 98MB In Use 3055MB Standby 915MB Free 24MB

  birdface 09:18 19 Mar 2012


Sorry but not sure how that work.just tried the Resource monitor on mine.But as I have never used it before not sure what can be done.

As we have 4Gb installed and it is only using a fraction of it.In performance in Taskmanager mine is using 1.2 Gb so I should have enough.

I know that you can increase the memory in use but I have only read about it and never tried it.

Best waiting for someone that can help you properly with your problem.

  birdface 09:38 19 Mar 2012

Probably something like this you have to do but like I said wait for someone that knows what they are doing to the proper way of doing it.

Go to control panel>system and security>system
Click on advanced tab
In the performance section click on settings
Again click on Advanced > click on Change in the Virtual Memory section
Change the virtual memory [pagefile size]
restart your computer

Now I would normally have checked it out for you but I am using my 32Bit computer at the moment.

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