Laptop Memory

  watters03 15:30 25 Aug 2006

Hi i've recently bought a laptop (waiting for it to arrive!) and i'm not sure about the memory thing. It has 256mb does that sound right? or 40gb. Anyway it's only for personal use for essays and perhaps some of my photos. Is this enough memory? I guess that's a bit of a 'how long is a piece of string' qu. but in general is this enough space for home use? If not how and where do i go about getting extra memory? External USB stick things?
Thanks! I actually bought my laptop from reading advice that you lot had given to others on here so thank you!

  coolkid2 15:32 25 Aug 2006

256 MB is fine - That is the amount of RAM (Random access memory)

40GB is ok - That is the hard disk size

  watters03 15:40 25 Aug 2006


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