laptop makes static pop noise

  jayjayj 21:45 21 Jul 2012

hi why does my laptop make a static pop noise when im on the internet my speakers are on mute but i still hear this noise every now and again could my pc have a fault thanks

  northumbria61 13:22 22 Jul 2012

Does the crackling sound like its an electrical crackling? If so try running without the power cable perhaps?

Perhaps something is stuck in the fan. You can try blowing out the dust with one of those compressed air cans? (carefully)

This is really difficult to answer as it could be anything. My guess is that something is loose and you should check it - OR the hard drive some how is damaged?

You will have to go and have it checked by a technician if you can't do it your self.

  jayjayj 20:13 22 Jul 2012

thanks for reply but this laptop is new only a week old and im wondering if it as a fault as im sure its not normal for it to make the sound which is like a crackling sound

  northumbria61 23:22 22 Jul 2012

Take my advice and return it under Warranty - don't attempt to do anything with it as it is not your problem.

  jayjayj 23:44 22 Jul 2012

i have already returned 1 that made the same noise but i have been told a laptop shudnt make any noise when the speakers are muted i really like the laptop as it has everything i need but i worried that this may get worst or is it normal for some laptops to make these noises

  frybluff 08:07 23 Jul 2012

With sound "off", you shouldn't get any noise, apart from normal fan sound, so may well be a fault (assuming you don't make a habit of throwing coffee, or something, over laptops).

If you are saying that you have had the SAME problem with a previous laptop, from same source, there may be a "batch issue". I would suggest contacting the manufacturer, with laptop serial number, to ask if they are aware of a problem. They may well be aware of an issue, and have a remedy. I would stress, DO NOT DO anything, yourself. Refer any suggested remedy back to your supplier. It's their responsibility to sort it, not yours. If YOU attempt any "repair", even one suggested, by the manufacturer, you could invalidate warranty.

  spuds 11:28 23 Jul 2012

Have you thought about trying another set of speakers. Trying that might resolve the issue, especially as you seem to say that you had a similar problem with another laptop?.

  spuds 11:32 23 Jul 2012

Another couple of things to consider.

Are the speakers right next to the laptop, and not a distance away?.

Are the connecting cables or connecting power supply okay?.

  jayjayj 21:21 23 Jul 2012

thanks for replys the speakers are built in the laptop this noise only happens randomly and its just like a pop static noise or a short crackle i return the first 1 as i was told a laptop shudnt make any noise like this i have contacted the manufacturer who say they dont know of any faults but that easy for them to say at the moment im wondering if this laptop could be a return as when i took the laptop out the box the screen was full of finger prints and it also looked like it had been wiped with a damp cloth

  frybluff 22:16 23 Jul 2012

At the end of the day, you've probably got little choice but to return it to your supplier, again. If it makes the noise, fairly frequently, it shouldn't be a problem for them to check it. Given the history, you may be entitled to a refund, on the basis that you have "lost confidence in the product", but if FE spots this post, he is much more familiar than I with consumer rights legislation, and may advise further.

  northumbria61 11:07 24 Jul 2012

frybluff - but if FE spots this post, he is much more familiar than I with consumer rights legislation, and may advise further.

I have forwarded to FE

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