laptop lost internet -but says it hasn't!

  mco 20:34 06 Sep 2006

Suggestions please for son's laptop. He's getting 'IE cannot display this page' message yet the wifi connection says 'connected/firewalled/enabled' whatever. It gives our correct IP address/subnet mask etc;In the bit Packets sent'however, (whatever that is) a couple of thousand are sent but only a few received. Is that significant? I connected him to an ethernet connection to see if it was the wireless - that too says it's working fine but won't get us onto the internet!!

  ade.h 20:42 06 Sep 2006

Hi mco. Have you rebooted your router lately? If you haven't, do so now - leave it off for a few minutes - and see if that cures it. I get this same issue on very rare occasions, and it just happens if I have been a little slack about the exact approach to wireless connection. It causes the router to fail to deliver WAN traffic over the WLAN and usually needs a simple reboot to cure it.

  mco 20:50 06 Sep 2006

I'll go an do that now but we've two other wireless connections (like this one) working fine in the meantime.

  ade.h 20:57 06 Sep 2006

Oh, I see. may not apply then. It usually affects all wireless clients.

  STREETWORK 21:47 06 Sep 2006

Try to fix IE

click here

  mco 23:18 06 Sep 2006

I'll have a look at this tomorrow thanks - but he's got firefox too and can't get on with that, so it might not be that either.

  FelixTCat 00:02 07 Sep 2006


Right-click on the wireless network icon in the toolbar and click Repair. That usually fixes this type of problem.



  mco 12:53 07 Sep 2006

but - that was the first thing I tried!

  mco 16:27 07 Sep 2006

Right - I've ascertained that it's NOT a wireless connection problem because it won't connect conventionally either - yet both wireless and ethernet appear to be working normally. Anyone know any good Pings I could try? (And what they might mean?) I'm beginning to wonder if he has a virus or if some important file has accidentally got damamged such that he can't connect.

  tammer 21:28 07 Sep 2006

...does it work if you turn off the modem, the router and your PC and then turn them all back on in the same order leaving a few minutes between each?

I've had a similar issue with my laptop and internet connection.

  mco 21:52 07 Sep 2006

I tried that, too. All the others work again as normal but not this one. Beginning to wonder if it's something I can't fix. Have compared all settings I can think of with a similar laptop and all are exactly the same. The actual web browser comes up - be it IE or firefox; it just doesn't display the page.

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