laptop loosing time.

  alan2273 22:56 11 Jan 2014

This is one I have not come across before.

I was given a Compaq Presario C504EA that needed the drive wiping of personal information and to do what I liked with it afterwards, ( I am giving it to a local charity, if I can sort this problem out).

I have reinstalled Vista with all the service packs and updates, ( it took nearly 2 days), then I noticed the clock was loosing time, so I reset it and an hour later it had lost time again.

I have changed the CMOS battery, thinking that was the problem, but if the laptop is switched on or off it still loses time. Can anyone suggest what the problem might be.

  bumpkin 23:20 11 Jan 2014

CMOS battery as you say. Are you sure that the replacement is good.

  rdave13 23:38 11 Jan 2014

Have you checked the time zone?

  alan2273 10:46 12 Jan 2014

I checked the battery with a multimeter, and it read 3.35V, so just to be sure I put another one in and still the same problem. It is set to the correct time zone, GMT London.

  alanrwood 11:05 12 Jan 2014

Sounds like the crystal oscillator is running slow to me. Doubt if it is the CMOS Battery at fault as it would run fine when switched on and the OP says it is still running slow under external power.

If it is a faulty oscillator then there might be a way of adjusting (there is sometimes a small variable capacitor to allow this fine tuning) it but it may require a new crystal. See if you can locate the details of the motherboard or even better a service manual of some type and hope you are a dab hand at soldering.

How much time is it actually losing as any adjustment is only marginal.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:14 12 Jan 2014

Check windows time sync is started

Click Start, point to All Programs, point to Accessories, and then click Command Prompt.

Type net start w32time, and then press ENTER.

And let windows sync the time more often see here

  bumpkin 21:34 12 Jan 2014

You could download this freebie click here set it to sync as frequently as you wish, every few seconds if you like.


  alan2273 22:07 12 Jan 2014

bumpkin, thanks for that link, at the moment I am using a 1999 program called AboutTime and a batch script that Weasel posted on another forum. I will give your link a try tomorrow afternoon as I will have time then.

  bumpkin 22:28 12 Jan 2014

"I will give your link a try tomorrow afternoon as I will have time then." Lets hope it is the right time:-))

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