Laptop - long start up

  Dbdave 13:31 20 Jun 2009

Toshiba satelite m30x 129

This laptop - for some time now - takes ages, as in upto 25 minutes, to start up from cold
It doesn't get to post beep - just a brief fireup of the harddrive then nothing. Eventually, it starts up and goes in windows no probs.

Possibly unrelated, unless I have an external USB mouse connected, it will crash within minutes ( freezes up totally ) and the only way to get it going again is to reboot.

I have had the case apart and checked the internal battery - still showing just over 3v.

Any suggestions?

PS: also tried it with it solely on battery, just on mains or standard with battery and mains. Nothing changes.

  rawprawn 13:50 20 Jun 2009

Have a look here, click here

  Dbdave 17:17 20 Jun 2009

Thanks rawprawn, checking that now.

I should have added, that should i have to do a warm re-boot. It restarts perfectly.

  mooly 18:12 20 Jun 2009

Try takeing the main battery out and then then with it not connected to anything press and hold the power button for 10 secs or so.
Refit the battery and mains adapter and try again. Take all your USB stuff out while you try it.

  Dbdave 22:20 25 Jun 2009

Sorry for the delay in replying to this - been very busy :/

tried the Boot scanner, came back clean - no problems.

The problem always occurs on a cold boot.

mooly, tried all and every combination of battery/mains and makes no difference at all..

Also, just complete 3 consecutive (sp?) runs on memtest86 - before anyone suggest it :) - and came back completely clean.

I was wondering about reflashing the bios but I can't find a flash file anywhere - grasping at straws now.

Any further help greatfully accepted.

  mooly 07:08 26 Jun 2009

When you say the HDD just spins up briefly, do you mean you hear it "spin" back down again and stop after a few seconds ? And then you say it eventually starts up, again do you mean the HDD comes to life again ? Or can you hear it spinning all the while, just no activity to and fro from it.
Could an HDD fail like this ? suppose it's possible, I really don't know. What about when the PC is "hot" and you do a full shutdown, not a restart, wait just 30 secs or so and start up again. A corrupt BIOS or software would still be corrupt but an electronic fault (HDD, whatever) may be "masked" and so work. Might give a clue.

As to the BIOS. Get it wrong or, if a problem occurs flashing it,you could so easily end up with a totally non functioning PC

  Dbdave 22:05 09 Jul 2009

Sorry mooly, I didn't get a notification email telling me of a reply.

When the laptop is first powered up, I see the HDD light flicker briefly and the processor fan spins up to full speed then nothing - no noise whatsoever - just the power light is on.

If the laptop is fully powered down - even for 5 secs, it goes through a "cold" boot and displays all the above problems.

I never did get around to re-flashing the bios as I still can't find the bios file - by modern standards this laptop is ancient.

  woodchip 22:10 09 Jul 2009

How long does it take if you tap F5 or F8 to get to safe mode?????

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