Laptop Light tube gone? please help me.

  Spirit Of Nightmare 2003 16:21 25 Mar 2003

i have just been told from a recent message on this forum that my light tube in my laptop has gone if this is true can it be mended and if so how much will it cost me. i was wondering as the laptop works with an external screen would i be able to carry around a flat screen? any help would be greatly appreciated cheers...

  spikeychris 16:50 25 Mar 2003

What make of Notebook do you have? What operating system do you have? Have you been in the BIOS lately? Using the external screen have you tried to download drivers for the notebook.


  Spirit Of Nightmare 2003 16:55 25 Mar 2003

at the moment im using win 98 it has sat in the cuboard for around year though. as i recently moved house could this be why? ill try drivers too cheers for the tips

  spikeychris 16:58 25 Mar 2003

Boot to BIOS and set the settings to default. F3 normally but have a look at the bottom of the screen, it should say.


  graham 18:05 26 Mar 2003

It may not have a light tube.

  Djohn 18:11 26 Mar 2003

If I remember correctly from your other thread, you said that the screen had gone blank, or black.

I think there is a connection between your laptop and display that is made through one of the hinges, it could be a fault there.

FE. was talking about a similar problem a few months back, and possible cure. J.

  Spirit Of Nightmare 2003 15:32 27 Mar 2003

thanx for the tips ill take a look and get back to you soon cheers :-)

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