Laptop lid replacement

  stevebigun 22:38 06 Mar 2008

Is it possible to replace the lid on my laptop?
The screen is cracked and it is not an old model,does anyone know if i can get replacement lids?and how easy is it to replace ?
in anticipation and squinting...............

  Totally-braindead 23:55 06 Mar 2008

When you say lid I presume you mean the outside? But you also mention the screen?

Regardless of whats broken a specialist company could do it or the manufacturer but it would be rather expensive and unless its a really expensive laptop it might not be economical to fix.

You can buy the parts yourself - sometimes depending on the make of the laptop but I've stripped a laptop before and because of all the bother I had reassembling it as well as the differculty getting parts I probably wouldn't do it again.

So its possible depending on the make.

  stevebigun 13:46 07 Mar 2008

i have contacted hp/compaq,and they do not sell the part seperately.It is indeed the screen,the laptop cost around £800 last year,do you think it is worth it,or would i be advised to find a cheaper laptop.
it is a compaq presario v600
Thanks for your kind reply

  oldbeefer2 14:51 07 Mar 2008

Probably worth Googling 'laptop repairs' to see if any of the numerous companys deal with yours.

  David4637 11:53 08 Mar 2008

Screens are very expensive to buy and therefore to get someone to fit it, it must be almost uneconomic to go down this route, unless you can DIY. Lappys are not easy to work on either - all bits of plastic that can break etc,etc. You could as a temp measure plug an external monoitor into the laptop port and use that.

  stevebigun 00:18 09 Mar 2008

i have decided to replace the laptop,thank you for all your assistance

  Demora 13:50 09 Mar 2008

Take out the Hard drive and hang on to it. you can then transfer all your data and format the old drive, get a caddy for it and have an external backup drive. At least then the old lappy hasn't totally gone to waste.


  Arc hie 18:39 12 Mar 2008

Is it still under manufacturers warranty?
Mine was cracked, they sent a courier out repaired it with a new screen and sent it back free of charge.
I have a HP Laptop

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