laptop to LCD TV connection - No widescreen??

  woodap 19:45 01 Nov 2008


Apologies if this has been asked before but I couldn't find it via the forum search.

I have an Acer laptop and a Philips LCD TV. Both have VGA and S-Video sockets. I can succesfully connect the laptop (which has a widescreen display) to the TV (also widescreen), but when I do the laptop shows a 4:3 aspect ratio image stretched to fill the widescreen display, and the TV shows the 4:3 image pillarboxed. I have tried various things within image settings and Graphics card settings within control panel but can't get it to show the 16:9 aspect ratio on the tv which I have on the laptop when it is not connected to the external TV.

Any advice gratefully appreciated.



  Technotiger 19:54 01 Nov 2008

Have you tried adjusting the Screen Resolution?

  mlseltzer 17:47 31 Mar 2009

I have a similar problem. What I "see" when not connected for projection and when I am connected for projection are different. Did you find a solution? This is a problem for me since my "normal" monitor is 12" and Lightroom shows up funny when projected to the TV (e.g. pop up boxes are too long.......can't click the "done" tab). I saw the two options of 4:3 or 16:9 on the TV (neither help). I need to change how it is displayed on the laptop it seems but after plugged in for projection........but how? Why does this change?

How would I adjust screen resolution on the laptop? Under what?

  ambra4 18:27 31 Mar 2009

Depending in the size of the screen you will have to adjust the laptop screen resolution to fit the screen

Right click on the Desktop-Properties-Setting

  woodap 19:49 01 Apr 2009

Hi mlseltzer.

I discovered that although my LCD tv is widescreen (ie 16:9), in PC mode it defaults to 4:3 and this can't be changed.

After connecting the laptop via the S-Video cable (VGA would not work in the same way) I had to change the screen resolution on the laptop and also the settings so that any video played in 4:3 letterbox mode. I can then "zoom" the TV picture to 16:9 to fill the whole screen. Slight deterioration in picture quality but the best I could do.

I've been able to save the settings for both when the laptop is connected and when not which now makes things easy.

Hope that helps....


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