Laptop to LCD TV can only see wallpaper!

  Faser 12:28 12 Aug 2007

I connected my new HP Pavillion (Vista) laptop to my my brand new Samsung LCD TV using a DVI cable. At first the TV diplayed "Mode not supported". After changing display settings and forcing the laptop the TV recognised

  tullie 12:31 12 Aug 2007

What are you asking?

  Faser 12:48 12 Aug 2007

That was odd, the laptop shut itself down due to low battery but posted message first.

To continue..

On forcing the laptop to recognize a connected display the TV displayed the desktop. Unfortunately just that; the desktop wallpaper no mouse pointer, icons or task bar.

Out of curiosity I connected my old Time (XP) laptop. The TV displayed "Configuring display" and 30 seconds later I had a beautifully fully working 40" display!

I have already been critical of Vista and the HP Pavilion laptop in the Consumerwatch forum this just seems another glitch.

Does anyone have any ideas?

  holme 13:19 12 Aug 2007

Two possibilities.

The easier is that you have the "Extend my Windows desktop onto this monitor" option ticked, in which case you will get those symptoms. (If you move the pointer well outside the laptop screen limits, it /may/ appear on the TV screen).

To check, right-click somewhere on the (laptop) desktop, then select Properties and the Settings tab. The "Extend ..." box is at bottom-left. If the box is ticked, UNtick it and click on Apply and OK. That should force the TV to display the same as the laptop (but not necessarily at the same resolution).

The other possibility is a bit more trick, so perhaps try this one first. HTH.

  Faser 17:01 12 Aug 2007

Thanks Holme the extend box was ticked, however when unchecked the TV switched to standby.

By setting up dual screens on the laptop the TV stayed on but showed "Mode not supported". While trying to adjust the settings for the TV on the laptop the complete desktop appeared on the TV, unfortunately all but the wallpaper disappeared from the laptop!

Despite having a dedicated graphics card the nVidia set up seems to have fewer settings than my old Time laptop. Because I have had so many problems am getting to hate Vista and the HP Pavilion. Luckily I can return it for a full refund and may do so next week.

  holme 18:00 12 Aug 2007

"While trying to adjust the settings for the TV on the laptop the complete desktop appeared on the TV, unfortunately all but the wallpaper disappeared from the laptop!"

  holme 18:13 12 Aug 2007

Whoops, sorry about the above. What I was going on to say was that Nvidia cards (or rather the drivers) aren't very clever at driving two monitors.

What has probably happened is that, in setting up the TV (successfully), this has unfortunately increased the laptop screen resolution. So the display is now too large for the physical screen and, therefore, your icons & taskbar etc are 'off the edge' so all you see is the central area (wallpaper). If you try to drag the pointer off one edge or top/bottom, it should scroll the display so you can view the taskbar etc.

You /may/ be able to resolve this by going into Properties-Settings again, clicking on the icon for the laptop (Display 1?), re-setting the laptop screen resolution and clicking on Apply and OK.

IMHO it's the Nvidia driver settings that are making things difficult for you (been there, done that), nothing to do with Vista or the HP Pavilion as such.

  woodchip 18:13 12 Aug 2007

Your Graphics card is running in Dual Screen mode, You can drag a picture or doc onto the other screen from the laptop desktop. You have Expanded the Desktop size doing it. You cannot use a TV for viewing text unless you connect by DVI to HDMI tv

  woodchip 18:17 12 Aug 2007

you also reversed the screens.

  Faser 20:20 12 Aug 2007

Hi woodchip, that's what I'm doing and as I said it works faultlessly from my old laptop to the TV.

  holme 15:40 13 Aug 2007

I've just replicated your reported symptoms (using an Nvidia graphics card).

I have managed to get the two displays exactly as required (i.e. with icons, taskbar etc showing on both) by following the procedure I suggested on 12/08/2007 at 18:13. Have you tried that yet?

Make sure the "Extend my Windows desktop onto this monitor" is UNticked, that the laptop is Screen 1 and that the monitor is Screen 2.

Any success? If not, what symptoms are you getting?

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