Laptop keys type a different letter???

  JConcept4 08:23 03 Jul 2008

Howdi all, haven't been on here for a while but just come across a problem with a new laptop my friend got delivered yesterday and wondered if you good people knew if there is a fix or not.

When he types any of the bottom row of keys (z to m) he gets the next letter on screen instead ie, if he presses the 'm' key he gets the 'n' letter. All the other keys on the keyboard are fine its just the bottom row thats doing it.

To me it sounds like the laptop is a dud but thought I would ask on here first.

Thanks for any help

  wiz-king 08:32 03 Jul 2008

Oops! return it, if a touch typist uses it the results could be amazing!

  chub_tor 08:53 03 Jul 2008

Yep, it's a dud return it.

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