281apple 09:10 26 Dec 2007

My laptop keyboard has gone crazy. It mixes up about half of the keys. An example: when I press the letter "i", I get the number "5", and when I press "m" I get "9". etc.etc.
So I plug in an external keyboard with USB and the external keyboard works fine. This is OK but when I leave home with the laptop it is not easy carrying the external keyboard also. Any suggestions?

  mark2 09:40 26 Dec 2007

It looks as if your numlock key is on, on my lapt it is in ythe top r/h corner between the pause/break key and scroll lock key. There might also be an indicator light illuminated as a warning.

  Hawy 10:16 26 Dec 2007

On my laptop the "Number Lock" key is activated/deactivated by pressing the "Number Lock" key (NumLk) whilst holding down the "Function" key (Fn).

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