Laptop Keeps Turning Off By Itself?

  SebBux 17:55 10 Feb 2009


I'm having problems with the laptop. It keeps turning off by itself?

I have done a factory reboot. But it makes no difference.

Any ideas?

Thanks to all that reply.

  Pastor Joe 17:58 10 Feb 2009

I'll almost guarantee it's overheating, especially if you have to wait a little while before it'll restart.

1. Open the case and clean the processor fan.

2. Set the laptop on a cooling tray, you can buy them from ebay for around £8.

This worked for me.

  mooly 18:00 10 Feb 2009

If it were a power supply (adapter) problem the laptop would continue to run on it's own battery. Is that fitted and OK ? Do you mean it just goes off, or does it do a full shutdown correctly ? Is it just the display "going out", can you see an image on the screen if you shine a torch on it ( thinking backlight failing and going out) Just some ideas.

  woodchip 18:09 10 Feb 2009

it could be overheating, if you have been using it on carpet or beds etc. Full of fluff

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:13 10 Feb 2009

1 Overheating - get a vacuum cleaner on the air vents and suck out the dust (don't recommend stripping down unless you know what your doing.

2. power supply failing

3. virus or malware - update your scanners and run.

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