laptop keeps flipping between power sources

  lonemascot 18:03 01 Dec 2007

i have a relativly old Medion laptop and just recently its developed a really annoying habit of flipping between battery power and mains when I have it plugged in.

I thought it would be a dodgy connection but even when the laptop is on a solid surface and the D/C cable can't move it still does it.

Also, the transformer makes a high pitched whistling noise and the D/C plug that actually goes into the lappy is well hot.

Other than a bad connection does anyone know what could be the problem?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:09 01 Dec 2007

Sounds as if the DC socket on the motherboard has a "dry" joint.

Not an easy job to strip the laptop down to get at it but simple "dob" on the connections with a soldering iron when you do.

  lonemascot 19:06 01 Dec 2007

i had a dry joint problem on my 42" plasma, fixed that when the tv repair man said it couldn't be done.

I'll have a look when i get a chance then. cheers.

  crosstrainer 19:18 01 Dec 2007

With laptop repair, pay particular attention as you disassemble....Commonly a small membrane runs round the case, this makes the circuit and without it in 1 piece, the machine will not re-boot.

  lonemascot 20:11 01 Dec 2007

thanks for the tip i'll be careful

  lonemascot 19:48 06 Dec 2007

I dismantled the laptop and yes fruitbat you was right, definitely not an easy job.

i looked at the joint but it seemed okay. I dabbed it and added some extra solder just to make sure but the problem is still persisiting.

I took a closer look at the actual DC plug and it looks like the inside may have melted a little bit, either that or it has been pulled sideways and stretched it.

Is a new transformer with power lead expensive to replace? Could it be a possible solution to my problem?

Any other ideas are welcome.


  amonra 19:55 06 Dec 2007

Have a look in Maplins (or similar) for the same type of plug, cut off the old one and resolder the new, paying close attention to which wire goes where.

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