Laptop Internal CD drive

  Blade 69 00:40 30 Apr 2004

I have a Samsung laptop, which currently has no internal CD drive. It Use to have a Samsung SN-324 drive. The question I want to ask is can I install any other type of laptop internal CD drive or do I have to get the same type that was in there before? I would also apreacite it if anyone could give me a cheap place where I can get the drive from.
Thanks in advance

  ton 01:04 30 Apr 2004

Most laptops use a 2.5inch IDE drive.

They are quite expensive compared to a 3.5inch PC drive.

If you want a second hand drive there are usually plenty of them for sale on Ebay.
I have bought two in the past from Ebay (for about £10 each) and use them for portable storage.

The 2.5inch wide is pretty much standard but you need to check on the thickness of the drive.
I think most are 9mm but some are 12mm and there may be others.

  TomJerry 01:07 30 Apr 2004

Internal CD: Laptops are designed specially, so you need need to get the same one. Try click here

  ton 01:08 30 Apr 2004

Doh! Sorry, I just looked at your post again and see that you need CD, not hard drive.

You can also find these S/H on Ebay.

  TomJerry 01:08 30 Apr 2004
  pmjd 01:44 30 Apr 2004

Around 99% of CD drives in laptops conform to a certain standard. I think it is only IBM's laptops that use drives that have a slightly different design. I can send you pics of the various sides of a drive I have that uses these standard fittings. See if they match up with the old drive if you have it.

If it helps Dell use the Samsung model in their laptops as well, so it looks like you might not have to get a Samsung one. I would need to see a pic to give you a more firm answer.

Plus bear in mind that some manufacturers use standard drives but have custom fitting kits to connect it to there laptop designs but these are easily overcome, just take off the old drive and attach it to the new drive in the same way.

I've done a few quick google searches but can't find any pics of your old drive. I'll look again later and see if I can give you a definate answer.

What do you want to replace it with? i.e. CDRW/DVD or DVD+-RW?

I bought a panasonic CDRW/DVD combo drive off ebay late last year for £75 but prices should have fallen a bit with the new DVD-RW ones coming out.

I am about to sell it on ebay, as soon as I work out some nice html for the description box.

If you are interested let me know and I'll send you some details ;)

Enough of the shameless plug!!

Only place I can think of quickly is
click here

Some not bad prices, a new drive of a similar spec to your old one would cost about £100, or you could get the really cool new Panasonic one
click here
It writes to all three DVD formats and is a slot loading one!

Anyhow hope some of this info is useful. if a little long-winded!


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