Laptop IDE HDD for PC ???

  Artheus 14:35 23 Jun 2008


can I plug my Laptop IDE HDD (Travelstar 80gb) to a PC? It should work but the HDD hasn't got power socket so I fear I could damage the mother Board. Can I do that?


  crosstrainer 14:39 23 Jun 2008

You will need a caddy:

click here

Like the one in the link above.

  jack 14:47 23 Jun 2008

You will need a USB caddy at stated
But many only offer USB Bus power[power from the computer via the USB connection]
This may not be enough- [especially if you have many other USB devices on the go]go for a self powered version if you can find one[Integral power or from a plugin the power socket unit[Power Brick I call them]

  karmgord 22:43 23 Jun 2008

you don't have to have a caddy you can get laptop to ide converter cable which has a power connection for the laptop hd,ideal for back up or looking at standalone drive

  skidzy 22:50 23 Jun 2008

Just as karmgord says click here

Will do sata drives/Ide drives and mains powered.I use one of these almost weekly to reasonable effect.

If you decide on a usb 2.5 caddy,look for one with two usb connectors and connect both ( normally red and grey).

  I am Spartacus 23:11 23 Jun 2008

If you want to fit it as in internal drive click here

  Artheus 12:07 24 Jun 2008

Thanx for all the anwsers :)

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