Laptop- how to install progs with no CD-rom

  Dorsai 20:10 11 Jun 2004

I mate of mine at work just got himself a Panasonic Toughbook, model cf 27.

It had no CD-rom.

He has a fairly up to date PC at home, USB 2, XP-home, etc. He wants to use this lap-top when working on site, with our diagnostic software loaded on, to enanble him to go on site and use the diagnostic programs. our company provide a PC for on site use, but it is a full PC, not a note-book. Monitor/Keyboard/system box. Needs Mains power etc.

The diagnostic prog comes on two CD's.

He wants to connect his new (to him) lap-top to his own pc, at home, and install the diagnostic software on the lap-top. conection speed is not a problem- once the program installed all he's gotta do is update from time to time.

Is there a way of using the USB Port on both systems to do this? He is already miffed at having to pay for his own lap-top, so don't want to spend £££££ on connecting it to his pc, which already has the CD's copied onto it, and the software installed.

  Cuddles 20:15 11 Jun 2004

Get hold of Norton Ghost

  woodchip 20:19 11 Jun 2004

If he as USB on the Laptop, You can get a USB to USB link Cable from a computer fair for about £16 with drivers, these are normally on a CD but could be put onto Floppy the drivers and software are loaded to each computer then the usb Bridge cable is connected to both comps. You then have to start the software on each computer ICON on the desktop it will then allow you to transfer files so that you could transfer CD contents then run Setup from the files you move. This would not be any good if it depended on a CD being in the Drive like a Encyclopaedia. The program files that where moved to the laptop could then be deleted when the software was loaded

  wee eddie 21:55 11 Jun 2004

If he feels that he might have other software to down load it prove to be a useful investment.

Hell need to have something to place backups on.

Better be USB2 or Firewire. I have a feeling that bog standard USB might be very slow when running the back-up side of things, and cause the creation of many coasters.

  wee eddie 21:59 11 Jun 2004

software to down load it "might" prove

"He will" need to have

  Dorsai 18:51 14 Jun 2004

I have passed the comments on to Mal (the mate) and he is thinking things over...i think he is gonna try an d get asecond hand CD drive for it- probably the best solution really.

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