laptop help

  tony58 21:45 08 Apr 2007

AMD Turion ML-30
Display: 17” TFT; 1440 x 900 WXGA; ATI X200 Radeon graphics 128MB Shared (VGA and DVI connector)
1GB DDR memory
80GB Hard Drive
DVD Writer (+/-)
One PCMCIA Type II, Cardbus compliant
One IEEE 1394 Firewire port (400Mbps) (mini)
Six USB 2.0 ports
Internal Wireless LAN 802.11 b/g (54Mbps)
Sound: Azalia 7.1 analogue output, 4.1 speaker system - including subwoofer with volume control and microphone
Multi card reader (MS, MS Pro, SD, MMC)
10/100Mbps LAN and modem
1 year warranty
£619 with vista from Powerc what do you think is a good deal,will be used for video and the net.tony

  Kate B 23:53 08 Apr 2007

I think that's a bit underpowered with a small HDD and the Turion processor has been around for a while, though just for surfing etc it should be fine. When you say, though, you're going to use it "for video", what exactly do you mean? It will be no good at all for video editing.

  johndrew 10:58 09 Apr 2007

I think you can get better for your money. I have seen similar specifications elsewhere for under £600; you should look around a bit more I think.

  tony58 15:31 09 Apr 2007

buy vidio mean. from the camcorder.edit then to disc

  Kate B 16:42 09 Apr 2007

In that case you'll need rather more processing grunt than that spec. Does it have to be a laptop? You'll get much better value for money with a desktop.

  bremner 17:39 09 Apr 2007

Compare it to this Acer click here

The Core 2 Duo knocks spots off the Turion, the HDD is 120GB

The graphics are better and only £529,00.

I am not advocating the Acer just pointing out you can get much more for the money

  tony58 20:52 11 Apr 2007

it has to be a laptop,no space with the new baby ,(my sons ).i will look at the Acer. will he need a firewire port for his new digitel camcorder?

  skidzy 21:19 11 Apr 2007

Furthest right of the lappies,this i have and im sure you would not be disappointed click here
remember,you can haggle with Dell a wee bit.

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